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Saturday, July 09, 2005

so it's a week until Harry Potter Day, and I'm really excited. I just checked to make sure I did have it pre-ordered to arrive Saturday. I can't decide if I should help out at a wedding or stay at home and read the book. I wish I knew what time it would arrive. So, if I don't answer the phone or come to the door, or even show signs of life, it's probably because I'm reading and finding out who the Half Blood prince is. Whoopee!

I also had something else to say, but I forgot what it is. Oh.

I've stopped wearing deoderant for the summer. If I smell bad when you see me, let me know and I'll shower and then hang out with you. It's a marvelous experiment...I don't think I'm smelling too bad yet, even though I do find myself showering daily.

Sorry about the gross personal hi(e?)gene information. grandmother is making garlic better and it smells WONDERFUL. I hear that garlic repells mosquitoes.

Does anyone have any interesting social questions that they would like to see researched? I'll be having to write a thesis sometime in the next two years, and I'm open to suggestions.

I'm pretty sure my family is going crazy.