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Friday, June 24, 2005

This post is dedicated to Peanut, with love and affection.

Okay, so i'm back in the promised land, happy and healthy. Well, I don't know if healthy is really the best word. But happy works a lot.

Um, yeah. Please don't tell anyone who you think would lose respect for me, but I've been watching Gilmore Girls, the first two seasons, and liking them a lot. a lot a lot. Sometimes I watch them instead of sleeping or finding ways to be financially solvent. I think I might start being responsible next week.

I plan on reviving the ol' No Paragraph Left Behind: editing services by Emily Chapman idea that I had last summer. I think I"m goign to make a super cool brochure and give it to the people on Main Street first and then work my way down to Highway 12.

When I got to Starkville, I felt like I was home. Yay. Capital H home.

I finally got my hands on The Time Traveler's Wife, that book that Amylovesbooks has been talking about a lot. If I can ever get the Gilmore Girls iv out of my arm, i'm going to start reading that.

Amylovesbooks also has really interesting things to say about public schools, too--I think they are similar to what Jesus would say. You should go check it out.

Yeah, I totally couldn't believe that the PCA had a resolution to pull kids out of public schools. I mean, it didn't pass or anything, but it kinda scared me. Pretty soon they'll be trying to tell us what kind of wine we can drink, or we should be actively involved in working to help the needy and oppressed.

sorry for the sarcasm. I really do actually love the PCA, I promise, I just wish sometimes it would grow up and not take itself so seriously.

I wish there had been a resolution mandating weekly communion. that would have rocked my face off. or mandating the use of only tasty communion bread...why can't they care about the stuff that really matters?

I don't know...this whole public school thing...I mean, i'm pretty sure the heart of man is desperately wicked all the time (I think i'm quoting the bible and not shakespeare) and it's especially so in high school age people, no matter where they go. Maybe just in everybody all the time, regardless of their education or social status.

When I was in ninth or tenth grade, our youth intern person gave a bible study on right before the flood when God was grieved (please read that with an accent mark on the "-ed" part) in his
heart about how evil and wicked people were and the guy said, "people really suck" at the time, I was horrified. But now, he's just right.

anyways, I think i'm going to go check on my friend jane in mexico.
I hope you enjoyed this update, Peanut, and please know that the care package that i hope will arrive soon was inspired by you, too.

love to all (and please don't take me seriously about my PCA comments)
--emily jane