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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

i just listened to trent dabbs in the house that he lived in in college.

it was one of those mystical experiences.

( i bought the CD used, though, and i kinda feel bad about it)

i also feel sorry that you don't have a copy, janely, because it's stinking awesome.

i think it's more awesome because he used to live in my house.

and it's definitely getting more springlike here--the oak trees have those whatchamacallits/flowers now and other things are starting to look smoky-green and it's not cold and we've had thunderstorms. yum..

peace, yo.

(and, in case you've been looking at the RUF pictures, i'm not dating that boy, we just played our dating game date in st. louis and took a lot of picture to make sure we'd advance to the sweet 16)

--emily jane

okay. so i just had my first collegiate experience with an umbrella--those things are amazing! i don't have to wear a rain jacket, but i'm still mostly dry.

whoa. whoever thought that up was a genius for sure.

(okay, so i'm stupid)

i still love you anyway for thinking that.

--emily jane

Monday, March 21, 2005

okay. i just took the gre and, if i say so my self, kicked serious a**.

thanks for praying.

now i'm off to do a lot of work--skipping classes for the day.


i'm still tired, though.


emily jane

Saturday, March 19, 2005

just for the record, i made it home safely and am now safely ensconced in starkville, mississippi.

i'm kinda glad. i love st. louis, but i was kinda missing mississippi a lot. that might have been because i knew spring was happening, but i don't know. maybe it was because i'm so out of my contact zone (similar to comfort zone)--most of the people there don't know people that i do...i guess maybe if i lived in st. louis and was in the covenant crowd, that would be different, but we were with the new city fellowship crowd and a lot of them were intervarsity people not pca people. if i went there with someone i knew, though, i might be able to handle it. i guess it's always just weird to go to a place and have nobody care about the things you care about--like MSU basketball or what spring is like in Mississippi, or if they know so-and-so who also knows so-and-so, who knows you.

i mean, i saw an ole miss flag on a house and was like, "oh, look! it's mississippi!" and i don't reallly even like ole miss that much, within reason. but, either way, i'm in mississippi now, even though some of my friends thought i was crazy for missing it.

and i'll probably be here for the next two years, so...i guess that's good.

but, anyways, shout out to my friends and acquaintances--if you live in st. louis, i'm sorry i didn't get to see you. i definitely thought about you a time or two.


-emily jane

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Okay kids. Spring Break starts tomorrow at 1:50 for me. Yay-ish.

Honestly, I've never really liked spring break. I feel like it really breaks up my routine, just when i'm getting used to it.

But i'm still excited, because I'm going on a missions trip to St. Louis with some organization called City Lights. I think it'll be pretty cool.

We're leaving at 3:30 tomorrow from the Grace Pres. parking lot to head up to MO.

So, I might be out of internet for a week. I'll probably have like tons of spam in my box when i get home. Ya'll send me letters too, okay?

I really need to go finish my Kate Chopin paper.

And hey, ya'll be cheering on the Bulldogs. We play Florida in round 2 of the SEC tournament tomorrow.

and, i have a splint in my mouth and i lisp now. It's basically a backwards retainer--it covers my back teeth and it's supposed to help my jaw somehow. I'm not really sure, though.

pray for my trip.


Emily Jane

Monday, March 07, 2005

oh, the procrastination of it all!

(pretend i'm saying, "oh, the humanity")

i just stretched and hit the head of the person behind me. I think it might have been a cute boy, but I'm not going to turn around and look.

(well, i just did, but i could only see the back of his head, but from the back he looks nice.)

Okay. i was supposed to print out something for my professor before I went to meet with him. and also work on my purpose statement (for graduate school, not life).

I have to turn a paper in on Friday before I can leave for my spring break trip to, of all places, St. Louis. What is it with that city? I keep seeing it again. I don't know if we'll have free time or what, but if you are in St. L. and I know you, I'll be thinking about you.

Okay. I'm really going to go be diligent (I almost wrote diffident).

(oh, and yeah, my dogs lost...but I still love them. and we still have the SEC tournament. and the ncaa, too, i think....)

One question remains...where my dogs at?