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Monday, February 28, 2005

hey, i just registered for the GRE (march 21 at 8 o' clock) whoa.

what does eight o clock mean, anyway? o clock?

crazy english language.

hey, MSU beat Ole Miss--just barely, but we did. yay! I think we'll make it to the NCAA tourney now. I'm excited.

Yeah, and check this out. yeah, i'm playing the dating your heart out.

okay. well, that's all for now.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

so, I'm just watching Mississippi State play Kentucky and it's very stressful. It's on ESPN, though.

I don't think I'm quite as into college basketball as my friend Jane is, but I care a lot about our team. Especially since I'm in class with one of them.

I don't know what the score will be at the end, but for now, I'd just like to say that we WERE ahead at some point. So, eat it, Kentucky.

And, I really like watching ESPN.

Well, lots of love.

-emily jane

(oh, and Gabe, I'm in the PCA and involved with RUF and when I hang out with non-Christians, it's typically my English-major-type friends--but I have a lot of sympathy for episcopals and other slightly more liberal denomations.)

Friday, February 18, 2005

well, I finally have concrete future plans, set in stone unless God sends a lightning bolt. (I probably shouldn't say that--he's definitely done that before)

Sorry if you feel like you should have been told in person and I didn't.

anyways, I'm going to go to graduate school at MSU and study sociology.

If I didn't have a sociology of sports test in about 15 minutes that I should probably go do a little more studying for, I'd give you all my rationales and excitements.


see ya later.

--emily jane

Monday, February 07, 2005

please do yourself a favor and go to this site:

Private Detective

it's definitely the movie event of the year.

I just wanted to share with ya'll that the chapel bells are playing

"climb every rainbow" and it's very wonderful sounding.


emily jane

Friday, February 04, 2005

well, i'm fighting some sort of illness.

I've never had such a conviction of my originalsinness and corruption as I've had now, when I've finally realized that I really am just dripping germs and dangerous stuff and getting it on every person I meet. It's kind of convicting.

At RUF last night, I shook some guy's hand and then told him, "Oh, you should probably wash it now--I'm sick." It was awkward.

well, how would you like to hear about my classes? Oh, what? You've been longing to hear about them? Really? Well, I won't hold you back any longer, then. Here Goes.

Well, for my last semester in college, I'm taking 18 hours. I have to get Cs in three classes to graduate. It's hard to be motivated.

But, Anyways,
My first class is
Agricultural Economics (or Intro to Food and Resource Management)
It's basically a Micro course (i don't know why i'm capitalizing so much), only with special emphasis on Ag. stuff. I frankly am not an economics person (I slept through it in highschool) but have lately just been really concerned about certain economic problems, most notably, the farm problem, so I decided I should take the class while it was still free. So, it's still boring and I don't pay attention very much, even though my teacher is a very dear man from church--he's very comical and everything. But I think I'll learn it better if I teach it to myself later. I got almost all of the crossword puzzle done today. We also talked about the medical care problem. It was kinda interesting.

My second class is
Sociology of Sports.
It's actually very boring, too. If you are late, my teacher will make you stand up in front of the class and sing a song. We haven't really done that much interesting stuff so far, just mostly reviewing old intro stuff, like interactionist theory and conflict theory and functional theory and kinda applying them to sport, but we haven't done much concrete stuff. We did have a fairly interesting discussion today about black quarterbacks and the Centrality Theory, etc., etc. One of State's basketball players is in that class, and several football players, too, so we can always get the athlete's experiences and thoughts and that's kinda exciting. He's one of the cuter players, too, so that is also exciting.

My third class is
Geography of North America.
It's kinda interesting. We are really doing historical geography, not just plain geography, so I won't be learning the states and capitals or anything. It's the same teacher I had in my two other Geography of... course--that guy from Michigan. He really likes me. I sit on the front row and he pushes the table close enough for me to rest my feet on it.

My fourth class is
Urban Geography.
Same teacher as the other class. This is fairly interesting, since I don't know as much about urban stuff. I think it might be helpful.

My fifth class is
Literature of the South.
It's my only english class. And it's not even in the English building! I think it will be interesting in the future, even though right now we are mostly doing stuff that I have read either in my American lit. class or my African-American lit. class. But we have good discussions and stuff and I like the material we are reading. But I'm looking forward to getting to stuff that I'm not familiar with. Several of my favorite people are in that class, too.

My sixth class is
History and Appreciation of Artcrafts.
This is a crazy class. It really is mostly just crafts class, but we have to make stuff up (or have a design concept) to rationalize the crafts that we make. Our teacher is very unique. The first day of class, he asked us to tell what was wonderful about ourselves. Yeah. He's kinda new agey. But he's very sweet and when I didn't feel good Tuesday, he said I could go home.

So, there you have it. I think i'll probably be okay in all of them.

anyways. happy february. (my mom's birthday is tomorrow, so give her a shout out if you can.)