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Friday, December 31, 2004

okay, so, i just read blue like jazz and was mostly okay with it. i'll be honest...i was mostly disposed not to like it because someone i don't like very much said she liked it (man, i'm not really a nice person), and so I didn't want to read it.

but another friend really wanted me to (yeah, so that other person is my friend, too, i guess) and so i did, because he would have kept asking me until i did.

the book didn't really rock my world or anything and i'm not going t0 whole heartedly endorse it, because i don't whole-heartedly endorse anything anymore, but it was okay.

i mean, it wasn't anything different than what Ricky's been teaching us about Jesus and loving him.

i mean, heck, i could have written that book myself if i had been in portland and drove a motorcycle.

1)the world is broken
2)real personal relationship with God/Jesus
3)really love people and stop looking down on people
4)apologize for christianity
5)really do what Jesus says and care for the poor
6)non-republicans can go to heaven
7)Jesus is really cool
8)people that don't believe should still be loved
9) community is important and healing
10)G0d loves you

and, Don MIller has good taste in music, too. I think that's part of the reason I am more in favor.
The funny part was when i could tell what he was talking about, even when he wasn't naming names. I think, but i'm not sure, that the book was mostly written towards people not familiar with the christian-culture-stuff, so he would talk about this boy josh who wrote a book about dating (HMMPHH..who could that be? or "Christian fundamentalist camp in colorado" with people who go to BJU? heheh. two of my siblings have even been to that one.)

So I liked it because it made me feel like I knew all the answers already.

I'm such a gnostic.

But still, Happy New Year, everyone.

hey, abe, rachel staven is my lovely cousin. joe's my lovely cousin-in-law.

i'm at her family's house right now, in fact.

it's the last day of the old year and i haven't even gotten dressed yet.

i think the word for that is typical.

happy new year to all.

(and to all a good night)

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

okay. welcome me back with open arms!