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Friday, October 22, 2004

any suggestions for my short story?

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

i will be speaking about chicago at some point soon, but i don't have the time now. in the meantime, i leave you with a humorous poem that i wrote the other day (and just to clarify, i am ONLY making fun of the speaker [otherwise known as freshman emily])

A pre-school prayer
Hey God. How's it going?
Father, I just wanted to thank you for such a beautiful day
and allowing me to finish my homework—Oh my goodness!
Did you see that shirt that girl is wearing (or isn't wearing!) can see like, her whole back and almost her whole front!
Dude! And her skirt, it's like, up to her bottom-crease!
Man, I hope she gets everything she's asking for.
Oh God, thanks for letting me be raised so I don't wear that kinda stuff.
And God, I pray that you would be with me this week—
There’s so many things going on—and there's that boy!
Man, God, I would really like to like him—he's cute,
funny, and he has a nice truck, but I don't know....
my friends say he goes to Crusade,
but I don't think I can marry him if he isn't Presbyterian.
Oh God, guard my heart, keep me safe from bad crushes.
I'll read some Passion and Purity when I get home from school today.
Yes, God, please be with my family today.
I'm so glad I came from a large family, God.
I definitely want to have a lot of kids myself—
no birth control for me. Gosh, I don't see how people
can call themselves Christians and believe in the sovereignty of God
and then not believe that He'll take care of them.
God, I thank you that I'm not like that.
Oh Father, I just want to thank you for so much..
.You bested all the other stories in the world,
you out-Homered Homer, you went way past Vergil,
you wrote the best story ever and then you did it,
became man incarnate, suffered and died on that cross,
resurrected yourself, I mean, it's definitely better than
anything the Greeks ever came up with. And you tied up
all the loose ends so nicely—you made a religion with
the answers to everything—love, sex, free will, salvation,
and for some reason, you thought I was special enough
to be picked to know all these things.
Thanks, God.
Hmmph, those people waving are BSU.
Gosh, I guess I should wave back.
Is it bad if I take their cookies when I'm not coming?
Man, I could never be a Baptist. Their theology
is all wrong and they don't drink—I can't wait
until I'm twenty-one. But I thank you that you've
given me enough restraint to obey the laws of the land,
like you commanded us.
Yeah, it definitely looks like he didn't do that.
Oh God, I pray that you would preserve me
from false teachings today, that you would give me
the wisdom to know what to say to my professors—
I think we are doing the puritans in literature class
and I just know the teacher's going to butcher the five points.
Calvin would never have put it like they do.
Heheh, that was fun, when I explained it to my philosophy teacher
and she didn't have an answer...almost as good as the time
when I floored that biology lab instructor. Catch them
trying to argue with a (Reformed) Christian again.
God, thanks for revealing your truth to me.
I have to go to class now (of course you know that, God)
but please help me to glorify you and enjoy you today.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

This is why I love Jane Austen:

"Prettier musings of high-wrought love and eternal constancy could never have passed along the streets of Bath than Anne was sporting with from Camden Place to Westgate Buildings. It was almost enough to spread purification and perfume all the way."

--Persuasion, chapter 9.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

these are the classes i'm thinking about taking next semester:

Intro to food and resource economics
Literature of the South
Sociology of Sports
History and Appreciation of Artcrafts
Geography of North America
Urban Geography

Do you think it's bad that I'm only taking one english class in my last semester of school?

I have to take the two geography classes and the lit. class to graduate and get my minor in geograpy. (I need to go make it official that i have that minor, too--remind me)
I wanted to take limnology, too, but i definitely worry more about ag econ, so i figured i should take the class so i stop worrying about it.

two days until chicago. yay.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

hi all.

(that sounds like my grandma)

it's one of those autumnal rainy days that's just kinda nasty but is also on the flipside, really fun to walk in (especially if you're having a great conversation with someone nice) or sleep in. I might do both.

we did have communion today and my bread worked out nicely--Jesus tasted so much sweeter this week...the preacher said that it was a symbol, so--i guess that answers my poem.

it's londony outside. i really love the sounds of cars in the rain--when i'm inside and not in the car.

the other day in class, my writing poetry teacher said, "religion is sex." at first, i just thought, "oh, dr. lyons, you're such a dionysion (in my thoughts, i spelled it right) pagan." he was talking about the golden bough and apparently for us summarizing all religion. and i wrote it down in my notes, because i just kinda liked the sound of it as a silly pagan thing. but the thought kinda stuck with me and then i realized that DL is a lot more right than he thinks.

religion isn't sex--religion as a generic is mostly traditions and rote things.
but a relationship with God is pretty damn close to sex. obviously not, but the idea of intimacy is really important. i mean, after all, God does compare him and us to marriage--and imtimacy with God when fully realized in heaven, will probably be loads better than sex (I can't really judge that one, since i haven't experienced either). But sex is the most intimacy--and the most vivid picture of intimacy (and how cool of God is it for us to get to experience somethin' like it (at some point in a marriage context (at all points in a marriage context) the some point was getting into the marriage context))?) that we'll ever know here on earth, and a relationship with God is ultimately his taking us into imtimacy with him and that affecting us.

anyways, i thought that was cool. i love it when pagans get things right and don't even know it.

i'm going to go check on my potatoes now.

oh! by the way!

i'm going to Chicago this weekend for our fall break. Any suggestions about what to do/see/where to go to church? Anybody live there who we should look up?

I'm excited.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

am i the only one who likes the way tape smells and can recognize it when it isn't expected?

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

this is my latest poem. what do you think?
This do in remembrance of me

Tomorrow I make the bread for communion.
The body of Christ, given for me, is
a half cup of butter
a quarter teaspoon salt
a half cup sugar
three cups flour
a third cup whipping cream and
a third cup half and half,
cooked for twenty-five minutes
at three hundred degrees.

How does that turn into God?

My store-bought ingredients,
creamed with a hand-held mixer,
kneaded by my own hands,
how does that turn into the flesh of Christ?

I don’t mean transubstantiation—
I know it’s not Jesus’ actual flesh—
it’s not like we’re eating an arm,
while the Baptists have the breast meat
and the Methodists take the thigh
(even though maybe the Catholics do)
but how does the dough that my fallen hands
have been in summon the spirit of Christ
to our eucharistic meal?

Is it the baking in the oven,
when the unleavened dough
flattens and stiffens and hardens

or when I wash my hands
after it’s baked
and very carefully cut it
into portions for three hundred people,
one square inch of Jesus, each?

we will sing semi-sweet hymns,
the organist will play softly
and we will eat the bread
I made (but Jesus gave)
and drink the grape-juice
I wish were wine—
our watered down paschal feast.

Sweet to taste (that half cup of sugar)
bittersweet to give—
I take the leftovers of the Lord’s Supper
home for later.

Monday, October 04, 2004

yay! my comments are back up.

our football team isn't any better.

ted sent me the sonvolt CD that i was missing, as well as other music. many thanks!

it's so exciting to get a package! all others will be accepted (except Andy, you can just give my Cary Hudson one back to me whenever you feel like it or sooner).

i'll even give you my address if you write me for it, as long as you aren't a stalker type person.

um...we learned about the geography of cocaine in geography class today. it's mostly on the eastern side of the Andes.

i think it's time for me to go to bed or something.

i was going to get all my work done tonight before my eleven o clock class (oh, stink! i have a test that i haven't studied for yet. man!) but I think i'll just go to bed and be alert in the morning.

my sister is peering over my shoulder--everyone say hi!

goodnight all.