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Saturday, May 29, 2004

well, i've been going through my files--i just recently purchased a filing cabinet--and i found a poem that i had written last summer that i thought i had lost. i really like it. it's kinda more in paragraph form because i got sick of word making my start of my lines capitalized. this is the place where i was a counselor two summers ago.

A twin lakes poem.

The atmosphere expands when you get to the camp Twin Lakes. The greens are greener, the blues, brighter, storms stormier and people peoplier.

At night the insects make a raspy symphony while the lakes grow dark and mysterious, and starshine brings to mind those you love. The warm parking lot—sun-warmed all day—now curtails blankets’ use when stargazing is about—“sneaking” from the luxury cabins, whispering louder than quiet talk, endless threats to counter bad behavior, crunching up the cafeteria hill and clomping down just the wrong dimension stairs til you finally reach the tractor lot and let the stars shine on you.

Or silently stealing out of bed like the arabs, welcoming the dawn one hundred feet up – climbing step after step hard gripping the rail, racing to beat the receding darkness, coming up the fire tower while the steps clang at missteps and the tower sways—a little—in the higher winds.

And then the world’s a disc, for as far as we can see…
“oh, I think I see it! There! See the golden trees? That little fingernail of orange? Don’t look full at it, but look how the sky is changing over there! Ooh! Look! It’s have an orange! Girls! Look! The sun is up!”

And then you read about the sun rejoicing to run a race like a bridegroom (and wonder about your own) and pray the girls rejoice, too, in the Creator of the sun.

Then the slow trek down, fearing falls and fretting, rejoining the sandy bottomsoil, slinking, now in the growing daylight, into the dining hall for the joys of purloined chocolate milk, refreshment for the whole devious glorious endeavor.

And climb back into bed for a few dear minutes of sleep.

You’ve done your best, safeguarding its arrival. The rest is up to the sun.

Friday, May 21, 2004

okay--here's a shot at something semi substantive.
well, i don't know how substantive it will be, but...
i have a sore throat, and so i'm drinking hot tea in the mornings and my house isn't air conditioned yet--i'm trying to wait until June and so i feel really hot in the mornings.
i changed my sheets and made up my bed yesterday. it looks very nice.
i made a cheesecake yesterday. it was yummy.
i had loads of boys over to my houses, too, to celebrate, as they said, "the communists' leaving." it felt really nice for them to like my house instead of thinking it was stupid. of course, i think they might like it better when the air is on, but that's only 10 more days. i think we can make it.
my roof leaks. my refrigerator collects water at the bottom of it. i think my house has a problem with moisture. but hopefully that will go away some when the air is on and my doors aren't always open to that humid humid mississippi summer air. i kinda like that it's here, though. spring and winter were so crazily integrated that you never really knew what season it was.

i went to summer conference last week and my back has started peeling now. i really think it's the grossest thing in the world--besides my chest congestion. summer conference was really good. Joe Novenson was the chief speaker--he was good, but sometimes his points were a little fuzzy. but he sounded like Robin Williams, so it was okay. i went to the covenant theology, worship, and mortification seminars, taught by David Rea (SMU), Brian Habig (Vanderbilt), and Rob Edwards (UGA), respectively. In the mortification seminar, i learned about be ing in a story and being what i am already because of my relationship to Christ. I also got to watch the intern at Ole Miss dig a really big hole in the sand--it was on the upper part of the beach and he dug until he hit the water table. and he made a tunnel and went under it.
i also played in a kickball game and swam in the ocean and didn't drown. We went to eat at The Captain's Table and I got a hamburger the size of my face. And i know it's loserish of me not to get seafood when i'm at the coast, but i did try a bite of Ricky's really good snapper or something (He said it was good, anyway) and it makes me grimace and shiver to think about it. I almost threw up. ouhhhh.

I'm really enjoying this whole summer concept. I'm also really enjoying this whole non-busy summer idea. It seems that for the whole of my life previously, I was always travelling or at camp or away from home and i'm really enjoying the prospect of being able to just be in one place--being home--for the whole time. I'll still find plenty of things to do even in Starkville (it's really dead right now because summer school hasn't started yet and i really like it). I'm trying to get a job and i told my church i would help them with their kids programs that they do on tuesdays and i do have lots and lots of weddings to go to. I'm also planning a weekend trip to New Orleans (even though i haven't told my sister that yet) and probably one to Atlanta area, too. and i definitely have four(4) weddings to go to--three in Jackson, and one in Memphis.

okay. i think that's fair enough.
"hey, i've been turned into a cow--can i go home now?"

(that's my new favorite line)
where did it come from?

Wednesday, May 19, 2004
yeah, my goal for this summer is to beat Zelda: the ocarina of time. it's especially challenging for me because i've never really played nintendo before and i just don't know how things work--and i'm really inept with a joystick/controller. but i like it.

i promise a semi-substantive post soon.

i promise a semi-substantive post soon.

Monday, May 03, 2004

if anyone plans to send my presents, i'll leave my address here--or, safer yet, email it to you.
yeah, it's wednesday, so you better hurry.