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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

my birthday is in a little more than a week--i'll be starting on my third decade...
anyways, after great reflection, here is my birthday list:
books (i think poetry especially)
button down shirts--pref. regular cotton and striped or flowered but not too big
gas money (maybe i'll plan a road trip to come see you if you contribute)
black flipflops that i can wear to church
a camera (digital or otherwise)
civilization gold (the computer game)
origami paper
school to be over (oh wait, that one comes by itself)
a professional pedicure
gift certificates to Amazon are always really cool materialistic can i be. what do my friends have that i want?
(ooh--i just had the best topic for my powerpoint project)
fixing my car's air-conditioning

i think that's about it.
oh..i also accept flowers and food, too.
ya'll have a good day.

Friday, April 23, 2004

i'm not really dead, i promise. i just have been really busy--i had a paper due today that hungover me (i wasn't hungover, though) all week and it's just the end of the semester.
the mocking birds are going crazy here in mississippi.
it's really hot-i'm about to take the plastic down from my windows and open them.
i only have one more paper and a few exams (one of them a serious 3 hour) one and i'm thinking about writing a walt-whitmanesque poem about the mockingbirds.
RUF summer conference is coming up and i'm getting excited. Joe novenson is speaking and he's just awesome.
"Fire and CLoud" by Richard Wright is offically my favorite short story ever. And I really like A Raisin in the Sun. i just wrote a paper about whether their protagonists and Invisible Man were heroes. i said that walter and dan are, but invisible man isn't yet.
i think it was a good paper.
computer class is being stupid--we have to make powerpoint projects. i have to make a 92 or above on my financial mgt class to get an a. i think i'll be okay in physical geography, too, except i keep falling asleep.
and then my english classes--i'll be fine in af/am lit, but i'm gonna have to write a really good paper and then do decent on the THREE HOUR LONG exam! i don't think i can write for that long without going crazy.

we had the last RUF last night. it was good yet sad. but i'll get to go to summer RUF, so that will be fun.

i need to find a job to pay my bills.

do you think you could live on 17,500?

it's really hot and my computer is making me hotter.

i'll be more informative after papers and exams are over.

13 days til my birthday. (a whole new decade)

i stayed up late working on my paper--good night.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

i think that we should have "the six degrees of john hogue" instead of the six degrees of kevin bacon. sometimes i feel like everyone knows them in some way.

Friday, April 09, 2004

so we were all playing trivial pursuit and i had 4 pieces and everyone else had two and suddenly they noticed that it was time to go to bed...i just wanted to play til i won. those green and blue spaces kept eluding me.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

oh, listen to me and hear my tale of woe,
of mournful things and death and rain.

a laborous grey cat died by our house today and I, alas, had to perform the duties of undertaker.
so I put her in two plastic garbage bags and into the outside trashbags--we have no shovels for a proper burial...
and i also say that she had died apparently while she was in labor, or soon after.
and i couldn't find the kittens.
and it's been raining.
the cat was a pitiful sight...part of her was sort of heavily sprinkled in pollen--her head, especially, and her tail stuck straight out and the rain made her long grey hair flow exactly away from her stiff tail.
and i wonder about those kittens. I'm pretty sure she was done having them--she was pretty distended--but i didn't see any or hear anything...and the rain...and they're blind...
they are probably dead already. but still, i don't want them to stink up our yard.

that was my harrowing tail of woe.