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Thursday, October 23, 2003

So, here's the thing...I'm thinking about growing up.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

I wrote two things today while I sat at a side table in the cafeteria: a poem and a thesis sentence.
Here is the poem:

What makes me smile my
happy "bite my lip" smile and
gaze distractedly into space

what makes me feel plannings of
happyness in the wrinkle of my eyes and
the fat apples of my cheerful cheeks

what makes me sigh happy sighy
intakes of breath of
patient impatience?

Silly, I'm thinking about you!

So the poem's a little dorky...i still like it.

Here is the thesis sentence. Five points to the person who guesses the work it came from:

"Fielding characterizes the narrator in such a way that he can exploit the narrator's characteristics to supply the deficiencies concomitant with a "true-to-life" account."

So i have to talk about the narrator's characterization, how it fills up the gaps and what those gaps are.
Does that sound like a medium length paper to you?
I sure hope so.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

every foot step is a struggle, every breath a fight
the horizon seems ever distant yet closing in
with no relief

while blue sky, green tree and red old main bricks
can bring a smile it doesn't stay and my droopy
mouth makes me a stranger

tasks seem meaningless, papers useless,
reports a different language, blue under my
eyes instead of in them.