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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

we have our first flag football game today--Tri Rho against RUF! (I'm on the PPP team...i'm excited...i love me some flag football. it'll be sad to not be wearing an orange jersey, but this will eliminate a lot of griping if we leave the RUF teams to be social and make our own competitive team. so, go Rhos!

Sunday, September 14, 2003

i feel so grown up--over this past week i have accumulated a job, a savings account, new glasses, attendence/ance at a women in the church luncheon, a paper i think is darn good, and evena semi clean room, even though it still needs lots of work.
yeah, life is exciting and busy and i'll post more later, i hope.

Monday, September 01, 2003

Happy September and Happy Labor Day.
yeah, we dogs didn't acquit ourselves too well against the ducks. they scored 28 points IN THE FIRST QUARTER! we came back and the final score was 42-34, which isn't that terrible, but that first! We need to work on being faster, on our offensive line, and on our tackling.
who wants to hear about my classes?
well, I'll tell you anyways.
I only have five this semester, which is kinda a blessing.
two of them are upper level english classes, two are social science and one is plant and soil sciences. whee!
My first class of the week is 18th Century british novel. we just finished Moll Flanders and are starting on Pamela. It's pretty interesting. whole lot of reading but i kinda like my teacher, even though he did point out all the dirty parts of Hogarth's prints. Teachers always seem to do that, as if we students will only be interested if they tell us dirty stories. There really isn't that much to say about that class...he hasn't really taught us that much, he's just led class discussions about the book.

My second class is Racial Minorities. Right now it is really really boring. My teacher uses words like "problematical" and he puts funky emphasis on syllables, too. SO far we've learned the difference between race and ethnicity and that ethnicity is a dynamic concept--it's always changing...we learend something else on friday, but I forgot what it was...something about minority majority relations. I have a good friend in that class and that helps the boringness a lot.

Next is my tuesday/thursday class Shakespeare. Jason's in this one, which is really cool, except sometimes i get distracted. But he's had this teacher before and can explain what he means when I don't understand it. This is the teacher that taught about the syntagmatic and the symbolic worldview. He's a freudian, too. I think I'll probably be blushing a little bit in his class. So far we've read venus and adonis...tomorrow we start on the rape of lucrece. I'm kinda worried about this class because my worldview is so completely different from the teachers i'm just not going to get some of the stuff he says.

Next is the class i'm telling everyone about: Fruit Science. This is a horticulture class and we are going to be learning about growing fruits and stuff like that. I'm really excited.

My last class is Geography of Latin America. THis is taught by the same guy that taught me geography of the south. I like him a lot, so it'll be a fun class. our writing assignment for the class is going to be a travelogue. i'm pumped.

that's my classes.
I'm also going to brickfire, head of the nursing home mercy ministry, leading a bible study on first john with my friend jeannie, trying to be a christian to my roommates (harder than you might think) playing with freshman little sister, hanging out with jason, hanging out with my pastors wife, going to a wednesday night small group with the church, being part of RUF core group, going to RUF, and i want to be a conversation partner, too. and i'm supposed to exercise.
anyone want to trade lives?