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Saturday, August 30, 2003

who's gonna win--'Dawgs or Ducks?
I don't konw, but i do know that i'm sure nuff excited about some college football...I'll be praising the Lord for that!

Friday, August 29, 2003

anyone want to explain to me the difference betweein a symbolic world view and a syntagmatic world view and also the difference between logocentric and polylogical discourse? and also how Venus in shakespeare's "Venus and Adonis" has a symbolic world view?
i' confused.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

who's excited that the cardinals beat the cubs?
i am!

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

tomorrow if i have free time--i'll tell all about my classes. that's one of my favorite posts to write every semester.

ethical dilemma for the day:
is it sinful for me to take the BSU's (Baptist Student Union) cookie and lemonade when I know full well that i have no plans to come to their meetings?

Sunday, August 24, 2003

what's the purpose of churches?
is it to minister to its members or is it to change the world through its members?
is that in the WCF somewhere?
it's time to get ready for church or i'd post more about that later--my church in jackson is thinking about moving-seriously considering it but they have made a serious commitment to the somewhat needy neighborhood that they are kinda upsets me. none of their reasons seem to be really concerned with the gospel or something.

i would also like to clarify that i HAVE talked to those concerned (well, not the dads) but i did tell their daughters how much their dad's actions offended me.
which leads me to another question: when your father/mother screws up, it's okay to admit and censure their actions and not support them in that. isn't it?
i really gotta go...have to put my dress on and brush my teeth and hair.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

being reformed has stopped being fun for the moment.
I mean, i'm still all about God and his being in control and his creating everything for his own glory and the inexpresible joy of doing what you were created to do...God's cool. But i kinda am having problems with reformed people. (i think i learned at MTW that reformed was really capitalized, but i can't remember)
See, here's the story.
I am living in a house (that I went to the realtor and secured) with four other girls. Three are from a small PCA church in a nearby small town and one is a ustabe baptist from a small town in south central mississippi.
I am paying my own rent; the other girls' parents are paying theirs.
THe exbaptist girl and i both have boyfriends. the other girls don't and might even be required by their parents to move back home if they were to be courted.
their parents almost didn't let them come here and live in this house because they were'nt sure that it was biblical for a woman to leave her parents house.
Well, anyways, the three girls' two dads came to my house yesterday with a printed out list of rules for the conduct of boys in the house. actually, they brought several sheets of them. hole punched. They asked that we all be there and our boyfriends. we had been told beforehand that the other girls' dads would come to lay down some rules for the house. and so they came and they laid down some rules. they prefaced them very nicely with scriptures, the one about the will of God is sanctification so avoid sexual immorality and then the one that says avoid the appearance of evil and then it closed with one that talked about walking circumspectly. inbetween were rules i think there were five of them. one was no boys in bedrooms, one was no boy and girl alone in house, there was one that said they could only come for 6 hours a week and i know there were some more. there was also a sentence that said occupants that fail to honor this will be asked to move out. and the rules started by saying, "the rules for this house."
these men came and talked about what this house was supposed to be like, what "the girls" wanted (pointing at their three daughters), listened, not too respectfully to what one of the boyfriends said, who doesn't live in starkville and doesn't ahve any other place to see his girlfriend...they did bring along my brother as an afterthought, to represent me.
i cried almost all the way through the meeting.
what they ended up doing was saying that we girls should get together and figure something out that was agreeable to all of us. and that we should have it in writing for them to approve by the end of the week.
and their actions just frustrate the crap out of me. it really seems to me that if they want to run my life, they should pay my rent. i know one of them should be able to afford it.
now, i really have no problems with the rules themselves. that six hours things is kinda silly, but they rescinded that. I think it's great that they want this to be a house with a good reputation. But i don't see that they have a right to exercise their covenant headship over me. it seems to me that if they are gonna have the parents involved, they should have called all our parents and gotten feed back from all of them. or maybe at least with everyone that's paying rent.
i just don't see why they had to come and lay down the law when everyone in the house is an adult, legally and we've all had perfectly good foundations. and basically what they came and said, I was assuming we would do anyways. Of course we'd make rules about boys, just like we needed to talk about groceries and utilities and everything else. but i kinda thought that we girls would be given the liberty and the responsibility to make the rules. and of course we girls with our boyfriends would never want the other girls in this house to be uncomfortable and of course we would leave or the boy would leave if they were ready for their house to be just girls or if we were doing something that made them uncomfortable. i mean, hello. we aren't pagans.

and now we have VISITING HOURS for boys like we are a stinking hospital or jail and my boyfriend has decided that the best way for him to deal with this situation, given his tempermant, is to not come to my house at all and i have other friends that are boys and say they wanted to stop in and say hello, they aren't welcome...because "this is a girls house". I can't cook sunday dinner in my home for the boy i hope to cook all the rest of the sunday dinners in his life and it hurts, lots.
i don't know. the girls whose dad's they are say that they don't necessarily agree with what their dads did and they are sorry that they hurt our feelings, but they aren't ashamed of it beacuse he's their dad and their covenantal authority.
(that, incidently, comes from the girl who hasn't told her parents that she smokes and got drunk last year)
so this leaves me with a few questions:
is there ever a time when you go from sort of a gradual slide into having more responsibilities and making own decisions even if you're a girl? or does your dad/covenant head have to make all your decisions and manage every part of your life until you get married and it becomes your husbands duty?
is it just me or did these men go a little too far?
when "being reformed" starts hurting people, should it stop?
how can a man start to run my life and how does he feel it is acceptable to allow his 19 year old daughter to drink at any occasion, despite country rules to the countrary?
what's the deal, guys?
and why is my happy house that i thought would be a haven of hospitality for all sexes almost divided between the roomates over this?
isn't good theology supposed to cause unity? (parents are getting upset about this and it's certainly juicy gossip for the RUF crowd.)

Monday, August 18, 2003

this seems to be referring lots of people to my site...i guess it's because gibbous is such an odd word.
i haven't blogged in a while... i've been trying to get my life in order. but school starts wednesday, so maybe by then i'll have exciting things to say.
my little sister is here at college now and that's lots of fun.
more later, hopefully.

Friday, August 01, 2003

today is my last day at MTW. THis weekend i go camping with mom and the girls and then its back to Starkville and my new house.
i'm so excited about living there.