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Thursday, July 31, 2003

i've just been thinking about how much i don't want to be in the upper middle class when i grow up. we drove past some atlanta houses like that yesterday on the way to a conference center and i just was really glad that those are n't in my past or my future.
yay for being poor.
I mean, i know we need consumers, but i really don't want to be a crazy one like the uppe rmiddle class.
i'm just not a really huge fan of those neighborhoods that have stone things to announce their name.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

almost August, 2003
Dear wonderful amazing supporters—
(please join me as I think through a prayer letter, using many concepts I’ve learned from MTW)
Hmm…Should I put headings? It will clearly show the organization. I’ll do it! Oh goodness! I almost forgot my introduction!

Greetings from a very exhausted Emily! I have four more days (counting this one) at Mission to the World, I have been extravagantly supported by all of ya’ll, exceeding all my expectations (I guess God really can do all you ask and more), and I am ready to sleep for a very long time.

Yeah, the forty-hour-a-week thing has proved to be just as exhausting as my summer camp experience last summer—and that was a 24 hour job, 6 days a week! It’s been a blessing to be exposed to the business/professional atmosphere, and I’ve learned a great deal, I’ll be sad to leave all the friends I’ve made and the jobs I’ve done and my own cozy cubicle, but I’m looking forward to heading back to college and leading a normal? lifestyle, where I only have to be places 15 hours a week, not 40. Somehow, though, I’m not sure my exhaustion problem will by fixed by college.

What God has provided or “How your prayers have been answered”God has done immeasurably much for me. He provided a car, earlier in the summer, so I’d have the means of transportation to come to Atlanta and drive to work everyday. He extravagantly provided support of all kinds, far beyond what I imagined. He provided a place for me to stay—not just any place, but with my grandmother. It has especially been a blessing to stay with her and learn from her and eat her cooking (my plans to eat less went out the window the first week I was here). I’ve learned more family history in these six weeks than in all my life previously. I’ve also gained some tidy habits (well, I hope they are habits) from this woman who has always kept a clean home. I don’t know what I would have done without her. Sometimes it seems like driving to work, working for 8 hours, and driving home are about all that I can do, and her willingness to provide for me and take care of me and even have a meal waiting on me when I come home has been an abundant blessing.

Another family blessing has been my older brother Jereme who has loved me and offered encouragement and advice and windows into the international experience I told ya’ll I wouldn’t be getting. Jereme works with Indians (from India) in his real job and with Persian-speaking people (usually Iranian or Afghani refugees) on the side, reaching out to them, inviting them into his home or visiting them and blessing them by accepting their formidable hospitality. He and his wife take me with them many times and so I have ministered internationally. I’ve gotten to eat Lebanese, Indian, Afghani, and Iranian food—and I’ve enjoyed most of it. But it’s been another blessing to see my brother so involved in a ministry here at home and to be reminded that one really doesn’t have to go abroad to a different culture to minister to people who need Jesus. One of my favorite refugee’s wife came over from Turkey or Germany the second week I was here. He hadn’t seen her or his ten-year-old daughter in five years. He is a Christian but his wife and daughter are not; please pray for their conversion. (I’m starting to sound like a real missionary, asking for people’s conversions.)

Another answer to ya’ll’s prayers is my safety in Atlanta traffic. I’m not sure if it’s supernatural or what, but I have this confidence about driving on all those big roads Atlanta boasts. I can even change lanes at will! For someone who has always been a terrible driver, my safety in the 20 mile drive to the MTW offices from my grandmother’s house and returning home (interstate all the way) can be regarded as a minor miracle. I’ve even had safe travels on my two trips to Mississippi. God has been very gracious in that arena, though I’m kinda disappointed that He hasn’t improved my parking skills, which still definitely need improvement.

What I’ve learned or “How your prayers have been answered”

I really have learned a lot about all kinds of things. I’m fairly proficient with Microsoft Publisher now; (I made a brochure and web page for an upcoming conference MTW is hosting. Ask your church about the Partnerships Conference. The brochure should get out sometime this week.) I learned to use the reviewing function of Microsoft Word (it’s really cool—it’ll remember all the changes you make so other people can see what it was originally and what you changed it to and see if they like either—and you can add comments, too, without messing with the actual document); I’ve also gotten really good at checking my email.

And those are just the computer things. Also, I have learned that the important things to communicate are people’s stories. I’ve proofread many prayer letters and always the ones most interesting and exciting to read were the ones which talked about peoples’ lives being changed by the gospel (and gospel isn’t capitalized—I learned that, too). This concept of story and people will be valuable for me as I pursue my plans to write for God’s glory.

(Another sneaky thing to do to conserve room is changing the font of the lines so there is less room between paragraphs. It works well, doesn’t it?)
Unfortunately for this prayer letter, I can’t tell you about anyone’s lives being changed. Well, maybe my own. I think I have grown this summer more than any other time. I am constantly reminded during my time here that God is good all the time. Sometimes it’s the godly people I work with who remind me; sometimes it’s a prayer letter; sometimes it’s going home to visit this boy I know. But always I am amazed at His goodness to me. Sometimes I’m amazed at my amazement—of course I knew He is good, but I so often fail to grasp that knowledge and hold onto it with both hands. This summer’s experience has enabled me to real-ly understand that I am experiencing His goodness, all the time.

Another thing God has impressed upon my heart this summer is the power of prayer. Many of the letters I have read demonstrate the missionaries’ constant dependence upon the prayers of God’s people at home and many of the letters show real results from their prayers. My summer is proof of that, too. God is working—please keep praying.
Oh, shoot! I’m running out of room…what should I do…change the font size? The margins? Let’s try font size. Wow… lots more room
· A good prayer letter is only one page, front and back. I don’t have much room left, but I would like to thank you again for your generous, gracious support and prayers. I couldn’t have done it without you.
· Also, I want to encourage you at home by assuring you that God’s word is not going forth void. I have been able to read letters from all over the world—Africa, Australia, Germany, England, and some places too sensitive to be named—and God’s work is being done and He is drawing people to himself.
· I would encourage you to keep missionaries in your prayer—some of them need financial support, some of them need safety, some of them need encouragement, or new eyes to what is around them, some need people to come help them, some need to feel rested.
· I would also encourage you to pray for the folks at the MTW home office. They have a tremendous amount of work to do and deal with everyday, from recruiting new missionaries to dealing with old missionaries and overseeing the huge financial operations that go on—can you imagine dealing with the yearly income of 500+ people and they work hard to care for the missionaries spiritually, too.
· Then there is my dear communications department, who will be woefully understaffed when I leave. They do so much for MTW and its missionaries and for you. I bet most of you are unaware of the incredible resources they provide to you. (World map placemats, for free!) Or the missionary prayer directories we’ve been sending out. If your church got some, odds are that I packed them (I hope they got there safely). I’m absurdly pleased that I could do that for ya’ll and for all the other churches who have a concern for missions. (If your church didn’t get some and would like to, contact or 678-823-0004 ext 276. Tell them Emily sent you.)
Another things I’ve learned is how to do bullets and outlines. That will definitely come in handy for papers in the fall.
Oh! I wish there was room for me to tell you all my struggles and growth and exciting things I did, but there isn’t time or room or brainpower enough for it. I could write a small novel—well, really I guess it would be a novella or a long short story—about it but there isn’t room here. I go from here to move into my new house, catch up on my summer reading (about the only book I read was Harry Potter), spend more time with that boy who shows me God’s goodness, and get ready for an exciting semester, one that will be greatly enriched by my experience here. Please keep praying for me, that God will continue to use me for His kingdom and that He will continue to teach me about Himself.
Thank you so much!
Grace and Peace—

Emily Jane Chapman
Please keep in touch and let me know if I can answer any questions—there’s so much more to tell.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003
I find it very amusing that is the Presbyterian Church in America and is a russian mail bride site.
and wouldn't even come up on Grandmother's computer. So i can't recommend it. it might be shady.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

For some reason, I'm missing the cafeteria today...especially chicken tenders and know, I think i'm excited about going back to school.
watch me go.

Why would you make a word like "evangelization" when there's already a perfectly good one like "evangelism"...same with "analyzation" and "analysis"...

Bible Gateway : ISAIAH 49;
Is there a hymn book made up of just Isaiah-based songs?
how many can you think of, off the top of your head?
I can't really think of any except for "How firm a foundation"...reading Harry Potter til 3 in the morning certainly took away some of my brain power. I'm not sure it was worth it, either. There were too many ellipses.
(I've definitely been editing too much stuff.)

Friday, July 18, 2003

It's Friday.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Welcome to
get me a hurricane before i go insane...or
fix my headache, one...

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Ésaïe 43
1 Ainsi parle maintenant l'Éternel, qui t'a créé, ô Jacob! Celui qui t'a formé, ô Israël! Ne crains rien, car je te rachète, Je t'appelle par ton nom: tu es à moi!
2 Si tu traverses les eaux, je serai avec toi; Et les fleuves, ils ne te submergeront point; Si tu marches dans le feu, tu ne te brûleras pas, Et la flamme ne t'embrasera pas.
3 Car je suis l'Éternel, ton Dieu, Le Saint d'Israël, ton sauveur; Je donne l'Égypte pour ta rançon, L'Éthiopie et Saba à ta place.
4 Parce que tu as du prix à mes yeux, Parce que tu es honoré et que je t'aime, Je donne des hommes à ta place, Et des peuples pour ta vie.
5 Ne crains rien, car je suis avec toi; Je ramènerai de l'orient ta race, Et je te rassemblerai de l'occident.
6 Je dirai au septentrion: Donne! Et au midi: Ne retiens point! Fais venir mes fils des pays lointains, Et mes filles de l'extrémité de la terre,
7 Tous ceux qui s'appellent de mon nom, Et que j'ai créés pour ma gloire, Que j'ai formés et que j'ai faits.
8 Qu'on fasse sortir le peuple aveugle, qui a des yeux, Et les sourds, qui ont des oreilles.
9 Que toutes les nations se rassemblent, Et que les peuples se réunissent. Qui d'entre eux a annoncé ces choses? Lesquels nous ont fait entendre les premières prédictions? Qu'ils produisent leurs témoins et établissent leur droit; Qu'on écoute et qu'on dise: C'est vrai!
10 Vous êtes mes témoins, dit l'Éternel, Vous, et mon serviteur que j'ai choisi, Afin que vous le sachiez, Que vous me croyiez et compreniez que c'est moi: Avant moi il n'a point été formé de Dieu, Et après moi il n'y en aura point.
11 C'est moi, moi qui suis l'Éternel, Et hors moi il n'y a point de sauveur.
12 C'est moi qui ai annoncé, sauvé, prédit, Ce n'est point parmi vous un dieu étranger; Vous êtes mes témoins, dit l'Éternel, C'est moi qui suis Dieu.
13 Je le suis dès le commencement, Et nul ne délivre de ma main; J'agirai: qui s'y opposera?
14 Ainsi parle l'Éternel, Votre rédempteur, le Saint d'Israël: A cause de vous, j'envoie l'ennemi contre Babylone, Et je fais descendre tous les fuyards, Même les Chaldéens, sur les navires dont ils tiraient gloire.
15 Je suis l'Éternel, votre Saint, Le créateur d'Israël, votre roi.
16 Ainsi parle l'Éternel, Qui fraya dans la mer un chemin, Et dans les eaux puissantes un sentier,
17 Qui mit en campagne des chars et des chevaux, Une armée et de vaillants guerriers, Soudain couchés ensemble, pour ne plus se relever, Anéantis, éteints comme une mèche:
18 Ne pensez plus aux événements passés, Et ne considérez plus ce qui est ancien.
19 Voici, je vais faire une chose nouvelle, sur le point d'arriver: Ne la connaîtrez-vous pas? Je mettrai un chemin dans le désert, Et des fleuves dans la solitude.
20 Les bêtes des champs me glorifieront, Les chacals et les autruches, Parce que j'aurai mis des eaux dans le désert, Des fleuves dans la solitude, Pour abreuver mon peuple, mon élu.
21 Le peuple que je me suis formé Publiera mes louanges.
22 Et tu ne m'as pas invoqué, ô Jacob! Car tu t'es lassé de moi, ô Israël!
23 Tu ne m'as pas offert tes brebis en holocauste, Et tu ne m'as pas honoré par tes sacrifices; Je ne t'ai point tourmenté pour des offrandes, Et je ne t'ai point fatigué pour de l'encens.
24 Tu n'as pas à prix d'argent acheté pour moi des aromates, Et tu ne m'as pas rassasié de la graisse de tes sacrifices; Mais tu m'as tourmenté par tes péchés, Tu m'as fatigué par tes iniquités.
25 C'est moi, moi qui efface tes transgressions pour l'amour de moi, Et je ne me souviendrai plus de tes péchés.
26 Réveille ma mémoire, plaidons ensemble, Parle toi-même, pour te justifier.
27 Ton premier père a péché, Et tes interprètes se sont rebellés contre moi.
28 C'est pourquoi j'ai traité en profanes les chefs du sanctuaire, J'ai livré Jacob à la destruction, Et Israël aux outrages.

Monday, July 14, 2003

can it be possible for a poem to be a country song and still be good?
because i have this wonderful idea for a poem only i think it'll turn into a country song...
i thought it up while i was driving back from mississippi last night and listening to the country countdown.
(speaking of that, remind me to go check on which song was the number one. i got home before it was over.)
i'm keeping it under wraps until i've got it finished.
but ya'll won't think less of me, will you?

Thursday, July 10, 2003

why do i have such a bad attitude towards people who sing what to me seem to be "cheesy" songs and a bad attitude towards people who don't want to sing the songs i like?
some of the songs we sang at the conference really bugged me like crazy (the music minister at Christ Church, Buckhead did the music). ones like "over the mountains and the hills" and then we had this harpist lady who played some Celtic music that was "too hard to sing along to" and so she got to sing all by herself. I think that annoys me the most, when they turn it into an exhibition and don't let me get to participate. i mean, i listened to the song and got to read the words, just wasn't the same as singing it. if it's too tricky to sing corporately, shouldn't they save it for an offertory?
i'm really not exactly pondering all this music in worship business, but i'm thinking about it occasionally. i'm worried about how much is biblicalness and how much is personal preference and/or pride in my thoughts...
what do you guys think?

sniff-sniff? what's that i smell? i think it must be close to lunch time! I have a hamburger and spinach and an apple to eat--i'm giving blood at 2:30. I enjoy giving blood. I mean, not the actual process but everything up to that and after it. i'm not sure why i like so much. but it do.
it's probably just one more way to bolster up my self-righteousness. i dunno. but it's helping people so i'm not going to paul in phil. one, i'm going to rejoice in good things happening, even though they are caused by bad motives.
I guess the fact that it's my bad motives doesn't apply or something. We do get a chick-fil-a coupon.
my thumb is infected, though. it got a splinter in it and i guess even though i got the splinter out, it left some bad stuff in there. yikes.

the conferences was very fun. i got to meet several of the missionaries whose prayer letters i have been working on and i went running in the mountains and met a waterfall and had a mountain top experience. but i wasn't a big fan of driving on the curving roads... i mean, i didn't drive, but it wasn't quite the same when mom isn't accelerating around all those hairpin turns.

we just put the new MTW home page up :
whee. i still haven't worked on it. i have to wait to get my password.

i vacuumed downstairs last night and washed a load of clothes and folded them. i have another in the dryer, waiting to be folded.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Mission to the World - Home Page
well, i'm off to the mountains--my boss and i are heading to Ridgehaven for the summer conference for missionaries in the states.
much fun.

still please write or comment! I'm not bored today...i've got lots to do. I think i'm just ADD and always glad of a small distraction. that's my thoughts. send me yours.

Saturday, July 05, 2003

je suis tres fatiguee.

Thursday, July 03, 2003

no little envelopes are showing up next to my computer...guys, please write me! i'm desperate.

Mission to the World - Home Page
the old home page...we are planning on having a new one up sometime soon. it uses a really cool editing thing (at least, they thinks it's cool..i don't know) called starphire.
this is really a plea for comments or emails or something.
work gets so boring sometimes..the prayer letters can be very uninteresting and anything to liven it up is greatly appreciated.
so even if you're a stranger, email me or comment or something and liven up my life.
emily-at-work and reading a missionary letter about going back to the ivory coast that isn't very interesting.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

computers should be seen and not heard.
mine sounds rather like a lawn mower.

i just lost it. boo

ow. my tummy hurts.
and it's raining lots and i don't feel like i'm accomplishing much...
but my boss just gave me something to do.