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Friday, June 27, 2003

You know what really bothers me?
"Contemporary" songs that rip off old hymns. Or have add-ins to hymns. I'm thinking especially of some song that is a ripoff of "And can it be" and then there's one that starts off "Jesus lover of my soul." ANd then there's this TERRIBLE add-in to "When I survey" that just burns my butt. I mean, the music doesn't even match.
If you're gonna write new music/lyrics/whatever, write good music and don't steal from people that have already proved themselves!
I really hate this music because it distracts me from worship because i tend to stop singing and sit back and reflect upon how TERRIBLE the song is and wonder what the music people were thinking when they chose it and ... so i kinda lose my focus. BUt that's probably my own sinful self--especially that pride bit and the not-liking-change bit getting in the way of worshipping.
But still...why have terrible songs in worship? Why not sing the originals?
I don't get it.

well, I'm at work right is unethical to post from work? one of the ladies I work with told me i could take a break. She's the woman I always want to call Judy when her name is nothoing even close to that.
i think it might be because she reminds me of my highschool calculus teacher, whose name was judy. They have kinda similar personalities.
Today I have been stuffing PCA missionary directories into bubble envelopes to be sent out to the churches. If your church gets one there's a good chance I packed it. We have THOUSANDS to get out. It's crazy.
and some people ask for 5, some for 10, some for 25, some for 50, some for 100, and some crazy people ask for 350! but they only come in boxes of 160. I have stacks of them on my desk for easy packing and then I have piles of packaged ones under my desk and all over because we can't mail them until the clerk comes back. And even though I've gone through lots and lots of boxes, there are still sheets and sheets of labels that need packages to go with them.
But my real boss has been on vacation this week and so i've kinda been doing grunt-work because we aren't really sure what exactly she wants me to do anyways...but when she comes back, i'll probably have more brain-using work.
I'll keep you updated.
only a few more hours till Jason comes! Yay!

Thursday, June 26, 2003

hey guys...
i have now gone to work for five days...
i'm getting acclimated.
it's late, though...maybe i'll blog a bit during my lunch break tomorrow or something.
Jason is coming to georgia tomorrow. i'm very excited, even though i'm not using exclamation marks. one of the ladies at work (it's so weird to say "at work" or "at the office") asked if i was going home this weekend and i told her home was coming to me.
i think we'll climb stone mountain and he'll get to meet my other grandparents...i'm so excited about that. we might even pick some blueberries or go trespassing. yay. YAY.
jason is a deep sigh of relief and relaxation, coupled with a quickening of the senses and more enjoying of life.

and i'm really tired and need to go get ready for bed.

what's happening with ya'll?

Thursday, June 19, 2003

well, i made it to atlanta. now i just hope all the support comes in. i have a lot of people who have said, yeah we wanna help, ibut i have to talk to my husbnad about it.
tomorrow is my first day.

Monday, June 09, 2003

Hey, this is EMily Chapman...I sent you a letter last week...did you get it? Oh, you did? Great! Well, do you have any questions? Yes ma'am, I leave for Atlanta Thursday the 19th..yes, I'll be there for six weeks. Yes, and did you decide to contribute? Oh, you did? oh, thank so you much. yes, I've gotten some already and actually, MTW just called me and told me that I only have to raise $2000, so now, it's even a great contribution. So, yeah...I'm really excited. Yes, do tell her hey for me. I haven't seen her in forever. Is she doing something exciting this summer? Aww...that's so much fun. Well, please tell her that I asked about her. Okay. Oh yeah..the address is MTW Donations...and the account number is 011222. Thank you so much. Okay, byebye.

yeah, today is the day that I calle every body. For some reason, I don't feel like calling the people from my church in starkville. I guess it's because i don't know...some of these people should know me and they don't and it's kinda frustrating.
But this is also the phone call to you who read my letter? Are you going to give? or pray? Thanks so much!
I'll call back later. (I've gotten a whole lotta answering machines)

Thursday, June 05, 2003

well, guys, I just watched finding nemo and i liked it quite a great deal. i laughed so much i got a head ache.
and there wasn't any crudeness as there often is, even in animated movies, the animation was exquisite, as far as i know, it was suspenseful, it made me jump and sometimes it almost made me cry. and it was a movie about FISH.
it was one of those movies you come out of talking about how good it is.

what about books about the sabbath? I think I want to do a Bible study on that next semester--it's something that i've always wondered about but never really looked into. I already have Celebrating the Sabbath by Bruce Ray and i think that's good, but he's kinda an annoying writer. Conversational books just really annoy me. I'm not reading for a conversation. I'm reading for information. is that a good diagnosis or is it a bad attitude?
or a good book about revelations.
or both.
help me out. and don't forget to contribute to my summer.

what should i get with my amazon gift certificates i got for my birthday?
i already got some music--one surprise CD for Jason that i can't tell since he reads this occasionally, two Blue Mountain CD's and then the sound track to "Slaughter Rules"--that was kinda a whimsical random buy, but it was with all the "people who bought this bought this, too" business and I thought, what the heck...
but what books do I need to have in my personal library?

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

here's my support letter!

Dear readers of my blog (ooh that sound dorky) dear friends that i mostly have never met--
I have just finished my fourth semester as an English major at Mississippi State University and have very exciting plans for this summer. I will be volunteering with my church’s vacation Bible school, helping my just-graduated sister move, spending time with my family, writing the great American novel, reading British novels for a class in the fall, and also (and most exciting) interning with Mission to the World (MTW).
MTW is the missionary sending agency of my church’s denomination (the Presbyterian Church in America). Most college students who intern with MTW go overseas and do glamorous work such as working in a nursing station, constructing new buildings or planning Bible studies in a foreign language, not to mention struggling with a completely different culture. To them is given the task of being a bridge builder to reach the different cultures with the gospel.
I have found the somewhat less dramatic but just as necessary mission of serving in the communications department at MTW’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Some aspects of this mission indeed will be dramatically different for me—like big city life and being responsible, but I don’t even have to get a passport to participate in this opportunity.
The communications department fills a vital role in the MTW organization. Most importantly, of course, it provides gripping, clear information about MTW and its missionaries to the church and those that support the missions. MTW’s communications department oversees all the major publications (some of you might receive Network) and videos (the ones children see at VBS to let the children get to know where their offerings go) as well as their website ( Additionally, the communications department directly supports missionaries by training them in communications, ongoing consultation and assistance, and producing prayer letters and prayer cards for the missionaries to distribute.
As an intern in this department, I will fill many different roles. I will get to proofread and help with the development of a ministry manual, work on prayer letters and prayer cards, help with editing several publications that are underway, and possibly write for those publications. I may even help with the website content. And I’ll just be a general helper—the task I’m most confident about—lifting some of the burden of the busy and short-handed communications staff by helping with administrative details. They might even loan me out to other departments and specialized ministries, helping them with their communications needs and getting a feel for what they do. One of the opportunities I’m looking forward to with great delight is the chance to attend part of the summer conference for missionaries on home ministry assignment.
As I contemplate this exciting part of my summer, this chance to serve the Lord’s kingdom, I know I cannot do it all myself. I covet your prayers for safety, for responsibility, as I navigate in Atlanta, driving in the hubbub for the first time. Pray that I will be a wise steward of the talents and training I have received as I apply them in this workplace. I also covet your prayerful consideration of financial support for my endeavors. I must raise a total of $2500 to cover my expenses associated with this mission opportunity and pay a small salary. Though this figure seems almost unreachable, I look forward to the Lord’s provision and your generosity. If you find it in your heart to support me, please make checks payable to MTW and include my account number 011222 and my name on the check. All donations are tax deductible and should be sent to MTW Donations, PO Box 116284, Atlanta, GA, 30368. I’ll be calling you in a few weeks to answer any questions you might have. Thank you for considering being involved with my summer.
Grace and Peace,
Emily Jane Chapman
seriously, consider it. and every little bit helps.
wow...what a soliciter i have become.

what in the world is up with this:
A new discussion post has been added to Gibbous Moonerisms:

Posted By: Douglas

Dear Visionaries: I have had it up to here with the antics of those who call themselves the neo-liberals of this community. I have decided to have all of these dissenters whipped, chained and pilloried outside New Saint Andrews in Friendship Square. My colleague, Doug Jones, will administer the punishments, and I assure you they will be first-rate and totally uncalled for. Those of you who are unhappy with the way the Credenda mercilessly satirizes even the most devout of Christians, will also be glad to know, that we will have a specially reserved area in Friendship Square, reserved for all offending priests, pastors and independent preachers. I have said this before, and I will say this again to all of you here on the Vision 2020 Forum: I will not tolerate anyone disagreeing with me, and all of you will be whipped, chained and pilloried as soon as humanely possible outside New Saint Andrews Cathedral in Friendship Square. Bohemians first, then the rest of you. I will be king of Moscow...I will be king of Moscow...I will be king of Moscow.

is this guy trying to be funny or annoying?

I got back from New orleans safely. i liked it.
is it biblical for me to be bothered about women participating in the leading of worship service? I went to the second PCA church that had that--women praying, helping with the offering and communion, reading the scripture...
a very small part of me is thinking, well, we're all equal citizens in the kingdom; why shouldn't we be involved in the leading of worship...but the rest of me just doesn't like it. especially when very young women serve communion. i mean, she wasn't under 18 or anything--not a girl, but...i think communion should be reserved to the shepherd-type people...and maybe if elders and their wives served it together, i might be okay with that. but just some girl? nah.
but what's the biblicalist view? i know i mostly don't like it because i'm not used to it and therefore uncomfortable with it...does the precedent of just men participating come from tradition or scripture? and if it's not biblical, why are PCA churches doing it?
i mean, i'm kinda assuming that it's not unbiblical entirely or they wouldn't think of doing it...
what do you older wiser people think?