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Friday, May 30, 2003

i'm going to new orleans today, too, to visit my sister--i'm excited i've never been to new orleans before.

i haven't been to a lot of big cities. Atlanta, jackson, memphis once, Asheville once, San Antonio once...
new york, too.
but that's it.
i'm not very well urbanly travelled.

and i just bought a car.
it's a volvo.
1994, 850, black at a very reasonable price.
i'm very excited. i haven't had a car of my own since april 4th, 2002.
and the radio works, too.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

and may the money come rolling in.
well, I think i've finished my to send it out to enough people so i raise lots of money.
i hope.

i watched forrest gump last night for the first time.
i was kinda feverish, so i'm not sure if my impressions are to be trusted...but i didn't like it that much.
it was a trifle too selfconscious. too historical. and that jenny girl just frustrated me.
and i hate that little kid. i watched A.I. for ever and ever and i'l never be able to like haley-joel or whatever his name is.

I'm also keeping up with the NBA playoffs (new interest courtesy of Jason) ...we are pulling for the Mavericks. we were pulling for the Lakers, because we like phil jackson and kobe and shaq (and i'm a fan of big-shot bob horry) but they lost to the spurs. we don't like the spurs at all. I've decided at heart that i'm a celtics fan...mostly i think because i like their green color.
yeah, i'll probably wind up being interested in professional sports for the rest of my life. but i don't think i'll have to do nascar, which is a blessing.
but it really is amazing...this boy cares about this stuff and knows maybe more of it --it's equivalent to the way i feel about books and how much i know about them. We started reading books together, just to even it out. Right now, we just started Swallows and Amazons books which possibly tie with the L. M. montgomery books for most childhood influence on me.
it's odd...none of the books i like the best--the ones i lived in and longed to live out--are from the US.
I was sick yesterday. I lay abed with a fever and drank lots of sprite. at some points i was relaly really hot. but we couldn't find a thermometer (oh, i can't wait to stop being a college kid and have a home where the thermometer exists and is found by those who truly seek it) so i don't know if there was any brain damage. I'm in the group of people that doesn't try to reduce fever unless it gets to 104 or what ever because the elevated body temperature is trying to kill the whatever it is that's making me sick.

My little sister graduates from highschool this friday. the last of the chapmans. i mean, wow. all seven of them got through highschool. and did well. it's the end of a stinking era. all moma's birds will have flown by august...and coming home will now be just mom, not any siblings. of course, for me, there was only one to come home to, but still...

WHen do home and family stop being the same. people ask where my family is and i'm like, well, this brother is here and this sister is there and then this one's in germany and this one just moved and this one just graduated and i'm here and this one will be at state in the fall. and mom is home in jackson.

but for my family...because of all that's happened...home isn't just parents, cause there's only one there--she does a great job, don't get me wrong but it's not the same--home is family and that means siblings--all six of them. we have this really odd tensile tight bond.

but anyways.

and being nineteen was not apropos of that john stone business. i was just announcing it. my family might have a cow (especially my oldest two sisters) if i gave out my whole birthdate on the internet, even though there's not that much to gain from stealing my identity. it makes me sad, though, because i have the best birthday ever. ...i'll just tell you.. when i'm 21, all the digits of that date will be the same. cool, huh.
live long and prosper, also grace a' peace
jason has a job at Winn-Dixie. he started today.

Monday, May 19, 2003

ahhh...i ha ve to write my support letter for interning at MTW--any of ya'll wanna contribute? this is the writeup my future boss gave me about my duties:
Communications is a vital support ministry for missions. Its most important
role is to tell MTW's story in a compelling way to the church and to those
who support the missionaries. However, the communications department also
provides direct support for missionaries in communications training, ongoing
consultation and assistance, and in production of prayer letters and prayer
cards. The MTW Communications Department oversees all the major publications
and videos as well as the MTW website.

I expect to be helping in all the ways that my skills will be useful. I will
be proofreading and helping with the development of at least one ministry
manual, working on prayer letters and prayer cards, helping with editing
several publications that will be underway, hopefully even having the
opportunity to write as needed. I may have some involvement with managing
the website content. Of course, I'll be able to help out with some
administrative details also, lifting a bit of the burden of the busy and
short-handed communications staff. I expect to have an opportunity to be
involved with other MTW departments and specialized ministries, hopefully
helping them with their communications needs and getting a feel for what
they do. One fun thing will be an opportunity to attend a day or so of the
summer conference for missionaries on home ministry assignment.
(i did n't write any of that)
i don't really want to ask people for money, but i guess that's just pride..and i really can't finance it myself since i have to buy a car so i can stinking get around when i get to atlanta.
but seriously, if you think it's a worthy endeavor--drop me a line and some money. :)
i only have to raise 2500, which really isn't that bad. it's not like i'm an RUF intern that has to raise a whole years worth of living money.
but i'm kinda burnt out feeling about writing the letter.

Summer conference was about glorification. yay for heaven. Jean Larroux, one of the Independent pres memphis preachers spoke and it was pretty good. I was so tired I kinda slept through the last two nights, but i still managed to take notes.
the first thing he said was that glorification was the drummer in the band of redemption--the lead guitar being justification and then i think the bass being santification--but the inderliying beat beingi our hope of heaven. (sorry for all those "being"s i really hate it when people use that word a lot--i had a history teacher/grad student say "that being" a whole lot my first semester and it really bugged me). THe second night he talked about our hope of heaven and how it helped us deal with this life, i think. He used the example of an OLe miss girl (RUF, one of the practically perfect kinds) who got killed by a drunk driver this past semester and how her friends and her "intended" all called him to ask about heaven. that talk was kinda beautiful--talking about being taken to ones wedding day etc. and then the next night was about how God hopes for heaven too--how he longs to be reunited with his children. And i'm not really sure what the last night was about. to me it seemed like he was desperately reaching for one more thing to say, so he kinda extracted this....let my get out my notebook and see what it was: oh-it was about the imperfection of our present perfection--that we can't know now, even as wonderful we think we perceive it, how good it will be.
BUt the thing about heaven i'll take with me the most is when we sang "beneath the cross of jesus" a capello. that was heavenly in a very real way, to be singing praises to God with 900 other people. only in heaven it'll be tons more.
Jean (it sounds like john with a french accent--he's from NOLA) used the phrase "one-day-some-day" a whole whole lot and also that part in revelations about God wiping every tear from our eye.
it wasn't the vivid picture that Brian Habig painted one Sunday night three years ago when I came to visit state that has stayed with me, even though I didn't take notes, but it was good to consider how little our generation considers heaven when for so many (if not all) of the previous generations of the church, that was how they got through the rest of their lives.
yay for heaven.
when even the broken bloodstained earth will be exultant and our eyes will tear no more and we will be finally and ultimately reconciled with our God and we won't want to sin anymore and the sure past tense will have happened.
if i think about heaven enough, the seventy years or so i'll spend on this earth seem a lot less important and just like a fingernail thick of the time i'll be here on earth and all my plans just don't matter so much.
for one five minute period last year, i think, i thought about my life like that and i didn't mind being single for a lifetime.
But john stone says, "It is NOT GOOD for man to be alone. it is not good for man to be alone" get married. are you struggling with purity? so get married. be poor and happy. start worrying about other people and not yourself and be happy. get married. get married.
okay, John, let's go.
He makes things a little too formulaic. It's true, he's right, but life just isn't gonna happen like that. But i like a whole lot of the things he said...and if one didn't have to have money to live on, i might be married now.


i'm nineteen now.

Monday, May 12, 2003

Well, I'm a bout to head out to RUF summer conference...yay for wa WEEK at the beach with my friends and my new tankini and a boyfriend who doesn't want to break up with me (last years was somewhat of a fiasco that way--and i completely didn't realize it at the time)'s gonna be fun. also there'll be good reformed teaching--jean larroux of independent pres, memphis is the speaker. it's probably not exactly a credenda/agenda history conference, but i'll enjoy it.
my sister graduated this weekend with a perfect 4.0 in four years...i won't be able to do that...just got my first two B's...kinda annoying, but that's okay...its probably good for me to realize i can't always slack and get by. but maybe i'll only have two B's.
well, i have to go stick my shoes into my suitcase...remember me at laguna beach christian retreat center (yeah, you know the place i'm talking about..."the road you are crossing is a US HIGHWAY! please be careful...hopefully i'lll get to take a class from Bebo Elkin)
bye a while.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

OKAy here's what he said about wyclif:
(an exact transcription from my notes)
Evangelical [heresy] yay!
Shift toward individualism
background-rise of wyclif
english kings had tigheter control of church
kinga making effort to have pope not interfere
-no cathars, waldensians in eng. b/c king watch--wouldn't like 'em on the island
by 14th century, a little crisis in eng. church
skillful bishops -13th cent
14th century-not so great- too many unbeneficed clergy-position not paid by benefice-high unemployment rate, lotsa discontent
-papacy appointing own guys to eng. posts & they aren't coming over and supporting it.
-loss of charisma - Dominican + Franciscans had come over, but ...not as effective anymore
-midst of 100 yrs war, taxes raised to pay for war, fell heavily on peasants-consumption taxes and church is exempt from taxation- peasants bearing burdens and higher clergy doin' nothing
--a movement to confiscate church property to alleviate taxation issues
wyclif creates a cause around which everyone can get together
(page two)
W. a professor of theology at oxford
funded education through absentee benefice (not fraud, really)
top of class, head and shoulders abover everyone of oxford faculty
of course, there was a decline @ oxford
wyclif 13th century sharp-no one could challenge him
in politics-hired by royal court to publish anti papal tracts--ed III trying to eind a way to tax clergy --100 yrs war and all.
-tracts go with popular sentiment
wyclif not a popular preacher - movement spread by others; his involvement with gaining following minimal--very learned works;
the more wylcif wrote, the radicaler he became
good thing he had a powerful patron in royal court--JOhn of Gaunt
(the timing worked out well for wyclif)
week english throne Ed III di 1377, RIch II-1399 -->kicked off throne
barons really controlling things

1377 denying fundamental teachings of medieval catholic church
-picks up augustinian predestination and argues that church is superfluous - if God has chosen it, maybe church isn't as important, since God's working
-makes argument b/t scripture and tradition
argues that the Bible should have preeminence
--purgatory?? --transubstantiation?? from Aristotle, not bible
-argues that bible only solid basis of theology
(page three)
no way to consistently applying it (?) b/c of your assumptions
-argues that church is so corrupt it can't reform itself and that state should reform it
--confiscate church property
-strain of donatism in wyclif's teaching
--argues that eng. priests who lived in sinnn didn't validly perform sacraments
--also, Wyclif translated the Bible people able to read it themselves, make own assumptions

Revolutionary implications
spiritual and political power used/wielded by unworthy people is invalid; all authority depends on moral worthiness of people
so-1378(?) removed from oxford post- too radical. enjoys support of JOhn of Gaunt
condemned and removed from Oxford by secular leaders,
so com'n, let's get going
Wyclif's followers called Lollards
kinda not exactly followers--his an intellectual "heresy" [quotations mine]
his views resonated but had to be "translated" to gather a popular following
christocentric piety
an anti-intellectual intellectual heresy b/c it let laity not need a priest
(page four)
appeal of Lollardy-getting to practive reading skills and think for themselves
assertion of intellectual independence
Lollardy kinda dies out early 15th century
-too radical; that peasant rebellion of 1481 made people say,"it's all w.'s fault"
Leader of lollards, oldcastle's revold (1413)
widespread revolt! held in tower, escaped, led political/religious rebellion-several years to be crushed -but too muhc socal disorder that lollards lost credibility and forces underground
longterm survival-absorbed into puritan sects
Wyclif's themes raised again in the Reformation.

THere ya have it.

I have no more school!
i have no more school for at least three months!
can you imagine?
What am I going to do with myself?
The first thing I did was to buy a chocolate milk. I have time to go running now, so I don't feel so guilty about it.
And then tonight I have an athletic banquet at the school where Jason coaches basketball. It's an ittybitty teensy weensy school with the moniker, Grace Christian.
Ya'll, I don't have write any papers for three months! I don't have to have a test!
And I'm done with French forever, even though I bet i'll still learn it somehow. And I think I'm only going to take twelve hours next semester.
and and and and...
so much to catch up on.

While I was waiting for Jason to pick me up from my last exam, i saw a little robin, just hopping around. I was scared he had fallen out of the nest...he looked pretty mature, but he did n't have a long tail and his wings just looked really small. He didn't use them when he hopped. But I saw a parent bird and he or she didn't seem concerned and before I left I saw the little bird fly-hop up onto a dead branch, so I think he'll be okay.

I think I'll be blogging a lot this summer.
Maybe i'll have deep reflections about my classes. Their theme this semester seemed to be about society. I have become more aware of the concepts of culture and society through the joint efforts of all my classes. I don't think my teachers got together to plan it out, but some of them just really meshed well. It's always exciting when that happens.
Well, I think I'm going to tell ya'll my summer plans and then i'll post another post about o'l jon... looks like my roommate tidied them away..lets see what I can remember:
1)fix the RUF songbooks and overheads
2)write some poetry
3)write some hymns
4)write letters and postcards to my friends at camp
5)write Jason lots and lots--everyday
6)go work at MTW for 6 weeks
7)spend time with my grandparents
8)to go new orleans and visit my sister
9)read good books (any suggestions?)
10)read the novels for my novel class in the fall
11)run and lost weight (yay)
11)hmmm...that's all I can remember.
If i ever find my sheet where i wrote all my plans down on, i'll let you know the rest.