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Monday, April 14, 2003

well, i just heard all sorts of wrong stuff about john wyclif, i think...and i don't haev time to type up what my teacher said, bgut it didn't put ol' jon in a very favoriable light. and i thought he was the "morning star of the reformation...." any of you people know lots about him?
i just got confused by what my teaacher taught...
um, i have three papers all due wednesday, so...
maybe i'll live after ther'e over. til then, i'm off ot be busy and give blood and watch a soccer game and a softball game (i promised i would)..
wahoo for the reforms of the church in the 9-12th centuries and for Stowe's portrayal of women in UNcle tom's cabin.

Sunday, April 06, 2003

my piano teacher died this morning.
I mean, she hasn't been my piano teacher for a long time, but she was during the formative years of my life.
She was also a member of my church in starkville and was truly the most gracious lady alive.
She gave us piano lessons at greatly reduced rates, knowing that we couldn't afford them otherwise.
She let the whole horde of us come swim at her pool in the hot mississippi summers.
Her pool was probably the first one I ever swam in.
I can read music because of her.
And I never got to say goodbye or tell her that my boyfriend plays the piano.
And I should've --I mean, I could have, because we knew she was dying of cancer.
That's what makes me the saddest, I think.
My whole family was crying in church. Well, as much of it as was there.
I'm very glad that she has gone to be with the LORD and is done with this life of pain.
But golly, I'm gonna miss her...I'll miss hearing about her in church and thinking about her and praying for her.
And her family is very sad.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

today i have a mortarboard meeting. It's some sort of honor society..I really don't know much about it. I know my brother was in it, which is the main reason I applied. I also thought it might be good to be around some people who are n't in RUF. RIght now, the number of people i know who aren't in RUF is unbelieveably small. I'm in Golden Key, too, which my father was in. You really have to sort out these honor societies. Some of them just aren't very honorable. I only join ones with really high standards (like Phi Kappa Phi) or ones that my family was in, or major pertaining ones--like Sigma Tau Delta, even though I'm kinda wary of being a part of an organization whose initials are STD. I mean, honestly.

A boy died this weekend from State. they found him on the side of highway 82. I wrote his nametag at RUF maybe three weeks ago. He's from Memphis and Jason's friends know him. or knew him, I guess. He was a Kappa Alpha, an english major. he sat in front of my house mate in one of her classes.
They don't know what happened--my french teacher said he was drunk--he was walking home from a bar when last seen--but that doesn't mean anything.
He was just starting to get involved with RUF, so RIcky (our campus minister) was been asked to speak at prayer meetings and stuff. SO the gospel and the comfort of God is going out. Hut (the boy) was supposed to meet with Ricky on Monday.
I'm just kinda in shock--that I can write his nametag one week and then go to his funeral the next.
Pray for our campus, that the gospel wouold go forth.
THe boy is a Christian, I think ... but it's just really hard.

hows this for two line of poetry:
jump into the shadow of a stop sign
see the shape of a half moon belly

I get to register for classes in forty minutes! whoa!

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

never say i don't do anything for racial reconciliation. I just had half a piece of fried porkskin--barbeque flavor, no less.