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Saturday, March 29, 2003

sooo...i'm having sudden thoughts about birthcontrol.
is it sinful?
is it responsible?
is it stupid because it's withholding blessings?
what's the deal?

Monday, March 24, 2003

what classes are you taking next semester?
it looks like i'm taking shakespeare, craft of poetry, 20th cent. contemporary poetry (possibly), phil. of religion, racial minorities, and geography of latin america.
if i take those classes, next next semester all i'll have to take will be a intro to computers class and three english classes.
kinda scary, but then i'll be graduated.

have you ever reached the point in your semester where you know there are no unbusy weeks and you'd rather commit suicide than do all the work you'll have to do?
'well, I haven't quite gotten there, but...
I have at least 6 papers (one of them 15-25pp) to do before the semesters out,
at least 7 tests, not to mention reciting the Canadian national anthem,
and several lab reports and crap.
i don't wanna be here.

I imagine i'll get through it, b ut it won't be fun or easy.

st. louis made me feel like a racist because hte people constantly hit us with questions like "what are you going to do differently when you get back" "how are you going to deal with this intentionally" blah blah blah.
and they made us watch a forever long documentary about the jasper tx dragging deaths...and I don't know.
the whole thing is a hard deal.

Monday, March 17, 2003

hmm...i blogged a lot last night and it isn't here.
it's still raining and I desperately want to run away from school.

Saturday, March 15, 2003

my brother had a baby, i'm back from st louis with kinda a different view of myself as a racist, and i'm aboutto go pick up my very own laptop. ALSO i hAVE TOns of laundry. maybe i'll blog tomorrow.

Saturday, March 08, 2003

well, I'm almost off to Saint Louis! (odd how you never see it spelled out like that.)
I"m not sure what I"ll be doing or if I"ll have enough warm clothes or anything like that...or even that i'll be packed up in time.
But I'll probably get to see Jon and Ann barlow, and that's very exciting--i haven't seen them since Joseph Hogue's wedding, which was forever ago.
And I"ll get to work on old houses, which i love and see how people purposefully become interracial, which might be very important for my future plans in life. (So I'm extra glad that Jason's going)
ANd, if i'm right, St. Louis is the city where one of my favorite musics comes from, so that's doubly exciting. (trivia: who is it?)
and I've never been to Missouri before, too.
WHo knows..;i'm not much up on the geography of the states that didn't secede, but I might go to more states today than i've been in all last year.
yeah, guys, I"m getting excited...
But I still have to pack up my toiletries and my books and wait for a load of clothes to dry--it's 9:12 and i'm sposed to be ready at 9:40--I'd better jet.
if i can, i'll update.
have a wonderful spring break!

Thursday, March 06, 2003

for my MTW application, I have to outline the gospel as I would tell it to a non christian, with no resources or nothing-only what's in my head.
Darnit, all i want to do is work in their office, not convert people. That's terrible sounding.
But I think the crux of the gospel for a non christian is that he needs God.
Maybe i'll use that image from ezekiel about the baby that was lying in its blood and God came and found it and dressed it.
Your sin-nature has separated you from God and because you have a sin-nature--that is your nature, and all you can do, you can't do anything to fix your sinfulness...nor would you want to.
BUt God, because of the great love with which he loved us, does change your heart and give to you that grace which is necessary to become un-separated from God (would that be united? what about reunited?) He pays the price for your sin--the un paid for sin blocks you from him and he gives you the righteousness you need to come before him, all in the perfect person and work of Jesus Christ. He is the second person in the trinity who came to earth (remember Christmas?) and became a human, with all the nastinesses of this life around him; he lived a perfect life and then died an atoning death--for without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins--and then he rose again and beat death, the consequence of sin. We have a LIVING SAVIOR, not just a great leader.
and oh, come to Christ...take salvation as it is freely offered in the gospel and come to Christ. there is no lasting satisfaction elsewhere.
And maybe I'll say something about how the christian life has consequences of its own--that coming to Christ changes you and you don't stay the same person--your sin nature begins to get fought with by your new nature that you got when you were born again.

how does that sound?
actually, hmmm...don't give suggestions (obviously this is rough) because then you would be resources and i can't have those...
but is it a decent representation of the gospel? I'll havew to try to come up with scripture references, too, but that's gonna require some head searching (I can't even use the Bible)...
well, off to be indoctrinated at sociology.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Essay for sociology:

If I were buying a car

Actually, I am buying a car because I had a wreck last April and totaled my car and I haven’t had a car since. I’m not being very proactive in that area, so this assignment is very apropos.
The first thing I would do (and have done) is talk to my mom about it. We set the parameters for what kind of car and how much money I’m willing to spend. Right now, I think we have set a $5000 or so spending limit (since I have that much) and restricted the car type to a fairly young foreign car with much less than 100,000 miles on it and air conditioning and radio (and an automatic transmission). I would hope that it isn’t red, even though if everything else were perfect, I wouldn’t worry about it. Mom would also stipulate that it not be a light color that easily blends in with the sky or the road. She’d like for me to have a tank, I know, really one or a car like an old station wagon, to keep me safe, but I don’t think I would be very good at maneuvering a large vehicle—I’m a terrible driver. I wouldn’t mind driving an old Jeep or a Volvo, but I think Mom says they are two expensive to repair, so…We’ll stick with the Asian foreign car market.
Then begins the searching process. Mom has already gotten her mechanic to be on the lookout. I’m supposed to get our mechanic in Starkville to look, too, but I haven’t. As the summer draws closer and my need for a car really becomes desperate, I’ll start looking in the classifieds—in Starkville (where my dad lives) and Jackson (where my mom is), and calling people. I’m not looking forward to that. If that isn’t productive, we will finally, I guess, go to a dealership and ask them.
If we do find a car, Mom will have to test drive it and then we’ll take it to our mechanic to make sure it’s trustworthy and likely to be dependable, and if he okays it, then I’ll buy it (paying all the money all at once—no debt for us), and drive off into the sunset with the windows down and the radio up.

Sunday, March 02, 2003

Random small bits about my weekend:
I went to see Gods and Generals (what do you do with movie titles...underline?) and I liked it. I cried the whole time, it seemed, and definitely joined in when they sang "Bonnie Blue Flag." I don't know...other people have lots of different opinions and they're probably smarter and wiser than me, but I thought it was a very affecting movie. LIke my paper that I should be fixing right now, it didn't transition well, but it really affected me emotionally. I really did cry most of the time....when the Irish were fighting the Irish...I seriously wept and sobbed...I was just gotten by the whole thing of how many people died and how bloody it was and I promise I yelled at Gen. Jackson when he said that bayonets would win the war. yeah, except for rifled bores.

Will someone tell me in simple language what the deal is with Steve Wilkins and such...I know there's controversy goin' on, but you know, my circles at college care a ton more about sports than theology...not to mention current theology...
it's frustrating...we rarely do anything intellectually stimulating at all. it's not like it was back in the day when I lived here.

What are YOU giving up for Lent?

I hope I get to eat Barbeque this week.

YOu're kinda gooby when you're sittin gbeside your boyfriend in the computer lab and someone's cell phone goes off with that scottisih song and ya'll both start humming it and then you just smile at each other ...
it's disgusting.

Who really really wishes MSU's basketball team would stop letting teams make a come back.. THere is NO WAY we shouldv'e lost to Arkansas.

I'm coming to St. Louis next week..RUF is doing a missions trip with New City Fellowship/OLive Branch Pres, for Spring Break. I"m kinda excited...RIcky says it'll change our lives..and of course I don't want that...or I want to be already changed, so I can say, "ha! you were wrong."

I wrote a paper on Jonathan Edwards and Ben Franklin.

I just got the hiccoughs.

I was the greeter at church was really chilly.

I made a B+ on my Church History paper because I didn't talk about the first three centuries.