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Friday, February 28, 2003

They should make a "real american heroes" ad about librarians.

okay--too busy to talk...except I'd just like to leave the impression of having said good things about libraries and the little exhibits the librarians make. I know they think no one looks at them, but I do and I like them, too. Go librarians!

My posts really are disappearing. I don't know what's happening. I'm definitely not deleting them.

Happy Birthday MSU! my stellar university is 125 years old today. Kinda exciting huh?

Thursday, February 20, 2003

oh- my other post was about fasting. wE fasted on monday for three ill people in our church--two with cancer, one with a stroke. I just got an email that said one of the ladies with cancer had "gone to the celestial city." look at the prayers of God's people accomplishing things. I mean, not that we prayed for her to die, but for her to be healed...and indeed she is now. All glory be to God.

WEll, darnit, I thought I had posted here fairly recently but it looks like it didn't take. boo.
Well, from my hell week, here are the results:
An A on my English test,
An A on my french recitation,
An B that got raised to an A on my sociology test
an 89/B on my floriculture test (one of the highest grades in the class)
and a B that can be raised to an A in my poetry class.
My church history paper is still in the works and will be turned in tomorrow.

So...I'm just going to have to work my booty off this semester to keep my A's or to raise them.
My sociology teacher thinks I am egocentric because I think my worldview is the best. Besides that fact that it is, doesn't everyone think they have the right worldview (because they'd've changed it if they thought it was stupid) and so aren't they all egocentric? Isn't she being egocentric in telling us her belief that we should question everything?
Something I"m also worrying about is how to write for my feminist professor who can't see that God wrote the book of nature and that chirstianity embraces both an invisible God and an incarnational God...
I really would like to do well in his class. It'll come in handy for graduate school. But is it compromising my beliefs if I don't shout them out....okay, articulate them at all? I've met with him a couple times to talk about that d*** paper and always when he said his feminist crap, I just sat there with a smile on my face. But I've already proved him wrong once, because I wrote a paper on a poet whose worldview a exceedingly disagreed with and I did well. He says you can't write a good paper on someone you disagree with. But I didn't say all the truth--the paper was bout anne sexton and the confessional flight into insanity. and I know if i were writing for a christian, i would say that the rejection of biblically mandated relationships etc leads to insanity. but i didn't say so for this guy, well, i didn't really have a thesis, I don't know. That's something I've just been pondering about.

Monday, February 10, 2003

whoo ee...who wants to run away from school?
I have to finish a 8 page paper today...and I already have 7 pages written and I still have four or five paragraphs to write, so I'll have to do a whole lot of pruning...and I'm scared all forget all the things I have to put into it, like the quotes from lit. critics.
and then there's an 100 question sociology pretest, and a french memorization--and that's just for tomorrow. wednesday I have a floriculture test and thursday I ahe a sociology test...and that teacher doesn't test knowledge and understanding of concepts, she tests whether you've read the book, which I think is ridiculous. You shouldn't have to read the captions of every picture to do well on a test. And if the tests are going to be that stringent, maybe they should happen more often...eight chapters at once is a rather large chunk of material. I mean, really...
Yes, and also I have a ultimate game tonight and Jason has a basketball game...that he won't let me go to unless I get my work done...
but anyways...
He got baptized last sunday and got to take his first communion this past was very exciting...i felt like his mom or something, getting to watch it.
pray that I don't go crazy...
and finally, parting words of wisdom from my mother: I was telling her how I'm making valentines for stress relief, and she was like, well, you know, if you just did your work instead of doing stuff, all the stress would be gone. I go to reliieve stress.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

oh...and Jason took really good care of me, too. He got me soup to eat so I could take my medicine and sat and read while I fell asleep and was just generally a godsend.

guys, I spent two hours at the health center yesterday with this result:
I have a sinus infection!
i know, it's dorky of me to be glad, but at least it's not mono or bronchitis.

just wanted to update, though...I know ya'll were all so concerned.