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Thursday, January 30, 2003

oh my goodness guys! look at this and try not to throw up.
That description of late term abortion methods breaks my heart and turns my stomach.

In the words of Jeremiah 22:29, "O earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the LORD!"

whoa--someone's been translating this into German! that's kinda cool.

My throat hurts. I've started coughing a whole lot and it's not very pleasant. Good thing Jason got my some cough drops. My eyes hurt, too. Maybe I'll skip school and go to sleep. Except I'm already here and I kinda like going to class. Some of them are really annoying--like the relative teacher one, but I kinda want to go to my poetry class.

I think I'm writing my paper about Sexton's family relationships or something like that. Anybody know her?

I've been really diligent lately and have gotten all my homework done for the two days ahead of me. Also I'm going to bed fairly early and getting up at the same time...
I don't know what's up with me. I've never ever been this responsible in my life!

My throat hurts.

I might've forgotten some sociology homework...what do you think?

I think ya'll should write me letters and tell me to get better.

Remind me to tell you about my Buddy's Jeans.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

ooh--just a little bit to go befire i have to go to my class where my teacher says, "what you believe is true for you." boo. so can I start believing that I can get an A in the class if I never come? Give me some logical support for that, please??
it's sociology and we haven't really learned much--she's just trying to teach us how to think, which I resent.

rules are for legalists.
and gnostics are everywhere.

i felt really sick last night (and was extremely congested this morning) and so Jason brought me some sprite, some chicken soup, and some oranges. (Best boy-friend ever, that's him).

My older sister had the flu and I had to take care of her and I got this really nifty sticker thermometer. Vick's makes them. They are pretty cool. You just stick it in the arm pit and it starts monitoring the temperature. It's not digital or anything...and I don't really know how to explain it, but it's really cool.

Do you ever have that scary feeling that you forgot to brush your teeth?

I have a picture of Jase and me (i'm so dorky--it's in my Bible right now)...and I'd put it on here except I don't know how.
I can get it scanned and all that, but the web-by part is over my head.

We are learning a lot in RUF core group right now...largely about evangelism. yay for drawing people in the community.

and I so am for the parish system of churches, rather than the voluntary deal. at least in starkville...I don't know if I'd want to go to the nearest PCA church in Jackson. hmm...

i think it's time to go to class.

I think i'm going to be writing a paper about Anne Sexton's poetry. Anybody have anything helpful to say about it?

I just hiccoughed really really loud in the computer lab.

I'm getting out of here.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

guys--I just don't have the time or access to be always posting like I did last semester.
I might be able to do it once a week, but I just can't do it every day...Somehow, spending time with people is a little more important than keeping up with people I'm not that connected with.
What I'm saying, is...instead of spending my free hour in the computer lab, I'm spending it with Jason.
sorry--you lose.
but i'll try to update it at least on a weekly basis.
hope your lives are going well--mine is.

Monday, January 13, 2003

well, back to another week of school.
I did most of the stuff on my list...haven't finished the MTW app, so I'm gonna work on it now.

Friday, January 10, 2003

quickly before I leave, here is my list of things to do this weekend---
go to the RUF core group retreat
we get to eat at pap's place! (BOOYA!)
do my homework--tons and tons of reading
get my house clean
call my muslim friend
write a couple people
finish my MTW app ***
do nursery (I always forget that I'm s'posed to do it)
go to the "Bradley Operahouse" and listen to bluegrass

I think that's it.

okay, I have set aside this time to write about my classes.
Then I'm going to walk home and then I'm going to go running.

I have six classes. Three on MWF and three on TTH.
My first class is at 8:00. It is Floraculture, though its official name is "Floral Crop Programming." A Plant and Soil Science class, it is a 4000 level class with a lot of prerequisites that I haven't taken. We are going to learn how to grow plants for the floral/greenhouse industry. It's very interesting--it's the first class I've ever had that's ever really applied things. Most of my classes are just straight knowledge. I will be growing 5 Easter lilies and +/-50 brachyscomes, the "Toucan Tango" variety, over the course of the semester.\
okay, okay...I know ya'll are about to die from curiosity--I'm taking this class with my sister, because it's her last semester and we never got to take a class together before. I'm very glad she's here because she's been in this stuff for four years and so she knows all about plants and I don't have a clue. BUt it's loads of fun to go to class with her. Who has fun names for my plants?

My second class is at 10:00. It is Church History to 1600/Reformation. I have a real teacher in this class, as opposed to a grad student. His name is David Foote and he stutters. I'm pretty excited about it...even though he doesn't seem to have much of an opinion of Christianity, I mean...he doesn't act like he thinks it's inspired. We've been learning about Roman culture so we have a context when Jesus comes. I was really sleepy today. It's gonna be really exciting when we get into all the three digit time period theologians and councils. THere are several other RUF people in there, too, so that also is exciting.

My third class is at 11:00. It is American Literary History. Basically, it's American Lit. I and II crammed into one semester, which is why I took it--I'm not a really big fan of American Lit., so I figured I'd get it out of the way in one fell swoop. I think it'll be fairly interesting. I at last have a teacher who I feel knows what he's doing--I guess it helps to be out of the lower level classes...I don't think this class will be dumbed down like my Eng. Lit's were. I have to read As I lay Dying and Uncle Tom's Cabin. I'm really not excited about the latter. I don't know...maybe I should withhold judgement until I read it, but ... wah. We are reading John Smith and W'm Bradford and my teacher today said that Puritans were holders of a "harsh view of Christianity...a stern austere faith." That kinda made me mad. And I thought the latest liberal interpretation of the Puritans was that they were a buncha free lovers who drank a lot or something. After he got through with that, he went on to TULIP "a very handy acrostic" and while he explained them correctly, he said they were harsh, too. Which is soooo silly, because it's the softest thing ever! I mean, if you are the elect, it's great for you, and if you aren't the elect, you don't want to be anyways, so you're happy. Where is the harshness?.....Anyways, that's that class.

Then I go eat lunch at the cafeteria.

My next class is at 9:30(tth). It is Honors Sociology. The former president of the "W" teaches it. IT's gonna be interesting...I think. the first day, she gave this kinda intro speech, throwing in a few random facts about stuff...and I don't know. I felt like she was kinda teaching down to us, kinda trying to do subtle things to help us learn. and that was annoying. I'd much rather just get the facts or the ideas or whatever and be told to draw my own conclusions than be subtly led to draw them. But I guess that's just my own natural rebelliousness. The second day of class we took a survey type thing--it was essentially a worldview draw-er out-er---sample of some of the questions: "Do you have free will? Will there ever be world peace? Will there always be poor people? Who are you? what is your goal in life?..etc, etc." We haven't really started learning about Sociology, but I think that will be exciting. Now if she'd only stop making a big deal of the fact that it's an Honors class..."Ya'll are the future leaders..." yeck!

Then I go to lunch at the cafeteria.

Then I have French IV. This has the same annoying, slightly lewd teacher as last time, but with the advantage that a whole lot of my favorite people from my three previous french classes are in it, too. I won't learn much french, but i'll have fun.

My last class is Form and Theory of Poetry. This It's the last 4000 level class in the list of english classes and the first day when I went to it I was terrified. It has more graduate students in it than regular ones. We are reading a bunch of modern poetry, which is kinda disappointing, since I like old stuff better. We also have two papers--a little one, with two sources and 5-7 pages and a big one, with 15-25 pages and 5 sources. Shoot me now! But I was really scared and I was looking for classes to switch into but none of them happened, so I'm still in this one. For the second class, we talked about Roethke, who I actually liked. I managed to pick out as significant the same lines as the professor did. He's a very interesting fellow--he walked into class the first day in a Fox NFL sweatshirt. and he talked a whole lot about Wordsworth while we discussed Roethke, whom he classified as a "jaded pastoralist." He also seems to dislike most of his colleagues, speaking disparagingly of their critiquing ability. And he's a Yankee. But...I think I'll be able to do it, after all. I'll just have to work hard.

Well, that's all my classes.
Besides those curricular things, I'm going to RUF, going to a nursing home on Mondays and a tutoring center on Thursdays, playing ultimate and running, drinking a whole lot of water (I carry it in my new Nalgene--thanks, Jer!), wishing that my roommate would put her clothes up and not go driving alone in the Noxubee refuge (she got lost last night), going to core group, having a boyfriend and spending time with him and trying to be wise in that area, teaching my three year olds at church, filling out my MTW application, I'm s'posed to be writing letters but I haven't written any, trying to reach out to new people but feeling woefully not cool enough, not cutting my hair, picking the paperwhites that are growing by Lee hall and putting them in my hair, wondering what we are going to do when we run out of our last roll of toilet paper, watching movies (Signs most recently), reading just a smidgen, doing homework (nearly forgot that last one) getting up at early hours and going to bed at late ones....
I think that's about it.

Thursday, January 09, 2003

oh dear...I was gonna talk about my classes and such, but I think i'm going to go eat lunch instead.
The first RUF of the semester is tonight! i'm excited.
We talked to an Iranian grad student at lunch of my friends told her the gospel in a sort of "compare and contrast" of Christianity and islam.
The lady said, "I am muslim because I was born muslim." I need to talk to Jereme and ask him about his experiences with working with those folks. Maybe he'll read this and email me. She enjoys it when I use the farsee that we have picked up from Jereme.

okay...i'll tell my classes...maybe tomorrow after lunch, k?

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

I have to keep the nursery this sunday...during worship. I always have to keep it during worship. It's not fair. boohoo.

Memphis was great. I met three different families of Jason's and liked them all. His family is nothing like mine--I mean, small baptist vs. large presbyterian, what can you expect? His mom made some excellent lasagna and also this cherry pie that has a nutty graham cracker crust and whipped stuff on the bottom and cherry pie filling on top...I was at the gates of heaven.

The conference was decent, too--the speaker was Jeff Salasin, who's really into Sonship. The gist of what he said, was "Jesus lived for us, not just died for us, so don't get caught up into legalism" and "ask God to show you your sin so you can love jerks." IT was alright....
the singing was definitely my fave part--the RUF guy from UVA led it--he sounded very Tim Keller-ish--and we would kinda introduce the songs to us and sometimes remind us that we were preaching at each other while we made singing a lot more purposeful...sometimes I just like to sing the songs because I'm familiar with them or like the tunes and don't really appreciate what they are saying.

We went to church at Independent's too big for me to ever join, but the sermon was really good--I corinthians, that section (is it chapter six?) where Paul says "Don't you know you are the temple of the Holy Spirit and that you are not your own but belong to God??" And that was the point of the sermon--that we shouldn't be good just for pragmatic reasons, to avoid bad consequences, but because the Holy Spirit lives in us all the time and because we are bought with a price and do not belong to ourselves, but to God.
It was quite good.
My wrists are really hurting now, so I think I'm gonna go to lunch.
update on my classes later, I will.

my fingers are soo cold...i think they are about to break off! i can barely type!

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

due to popular demand
(well, not really, I just wanted to show off)
I have places below one of my favorite works of my own.

Whole wheat love

Once we went on a picnic—
just to the north farm, but to our
impassioned imaginations it was
at times a hill of the Lake district, or
a Venetian gondola, or an Italian garden,
or a Roman ruin in France.
When I saw you on the gingham cloth
dappled in the sunshine of our love,
for a moment, I was Jacob
serving my terms for Rachel,
Ulysses, returning to Penelope,
Benedick, punning for Beatrice…
I was at once all the famous lovers
and all the constant ones who lived in
happy obscurity—like your Aunt Ruth and
Uncle Joe—and as I ate the ham sandwich
you made, I decided to marry you.

isn't that great?