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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

i must be in a blogging mood today.
or maybe I just don't want to pack.
oh, did I tell you that my grades were all the same? And I got an A in societies of the world, the class I had a b in at midterms. Yay!

Am i the only one it bothers to see women passing out communion or taking up the offering? The worst--i mean the one that bothers me the most, is when they read scripture or pray during a worship service. oooh that makes my blood boil.
But is is just a cultural thing, or is there a biblical basis for it to vex me? 'cause it sure does.


Is it rude to ask who all is visiting my site?
I usta know who all was reading useta be mostly myself and my relations, but now I have no idea.
So if it's not rude,
who are you, how did you find this place, and other pertinent information?
thanks greatly.
and now, i think it's time for elevenses.
-grace and peace-

what was the best thing about this year that we are ending today?
what will be the best thing about next year?
Isn't it fun how next year stretches out in a long vista, unsullied by our efforts to mess it up?
of course, that all changes tomorrow, but I think this next year is gonna be lots and lots of fun and growth and classes.
What's yours gonna be like?

I shall be meeting the parents of that boyfriend of mine tomorrow, LORD willing.
I'm a trifle scared.
okay, i'm shaking in my boots.
What if they don't like me?
I was blessed (as opposed to lucky); my family loved the boy before I did. (hmm...i might not be supposed to love him yet... maybe we'll change that to like...)

Who wants to read some of my poetry??
For some reason I am wasting time and playing with it today, instead of filling out my MTW application and packing up.
My family says I'm lazy as a summer's day.
But they aren't up yet.

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Merry Christmas to you.
this is a crazy time--the birth of the LORD of the universe in a stinking cattle stall. It's enough to make one cry.
I actually did at the Christmas eve service at our church. We had a guest preacher, a black one named Ronnie Crudup and he just got fired up and began shouting "GLO-RY TO GOD! GLORY TO GOD!" And it just made me cry that God would so something so crazy when He didn't have to. Everything in the story of redemption ties together and makes sense except the beginning. He did it very well, but why He did it is crazy...and all the glory be to Him.
I mean, Redemption, there in a stinky feeding trough...and the angels just spilling out of heaven...
It's CRAZY, man.

Monday, December 23, 2002

more later. eyes hurt.
I have a you think it's because Jason left?
we seriously are the goobiest people in the world. were ya'll gooby when ya'll were dating/courting (whatever and however you did it) the person you married?
anyways, these are the rules we made so we won't have to elope to Atlantic City next week. Some of them he made, some of them are mine.
1) Avoid being alone
--no going to houses without roommates present
2) 1 foot of spacebetween bodies at all times even heads
3) Spend time together diong productive kingdom things rather than just sitting around
5) No excessive whispering
6) no touching faces
7) hand holding (and side hugs) are allowed
8) However, said boy and girl are prohibited from looking at each other longingly, even while adhering to above rules
9) Rule breakage willl result in exclusion from each others company for 24 whole hours following rule breakage.
eloping is not allowed
10) We will break up if we can't do this. (and this next bit is in Jason's handwriting)
3 violations in one 7 day period = goodbye.

This last one scares me most of all. The other ones--well, they'll be hard and I'm not really looking forward to enforcing them...but this last one means I'm growing up and it kinda gives me a headache. But they are his rules and they are to protect me from myself and they are because he cares about me (a whole whole lot). So I'm going to try to be mature and say "yes sir, I'll be happy to" and maybe grow up in the process.
scary, huh?

Saturday, December 21, 2002

and someone had to use the phone, so I didn't get to finish...
I don't know...I just smile a whole lot more than I used to and laugh for no reason at all. well, okay, there's a dang good reason, but there's no obvious reason.
I got to see him today at the wedding I went to--my sister helped with flowers and I helped her. And we sat beside each other.
(That's not really ambiguous, because I sat between my sister and the boy).
We are going back to the appetizers after picking just the tiniest bit at the dessert ...
We are going back to the Natchez Trace after going for a mile or two down the interstate. . . . .
He, I, my mother (and the "heavy-handed big sister") all reached that decision independently.
It's rather hard to flesh out how all this works without getting all flesh-ly. But it's fun having someone to fall and be and move alongside ya. and to sit beside you on the loveseat...if at the opposite side.
He's coming to church with us tomorrow and spending the night so he can meet my big sister who I'm sure will tell ya'll all about it.
That's all the news from that end of things...even though actually, it's a beginning, not an end.
I just wish ya'll could see my smile. That would explain everything.

I drove down the NTP on the way to French Camp yesterday (that's where the wedding was) and I thoroughly enjoyed only going 50 mph. It was a nice steady speed. I liked it so much, I only went 45 for part of the way. My sister yelled at me when she found out.

Thursday, December 19, 2002

my romance--is not a novel or very novel or very latin, even though Jason knows Latin.
My sisters get mad at me for saying his name more than once an hour..

Monday, December 16, 2002

I'm still home and now i'm sick amd somewhat miserable. boo.
but Someone is coming to see me Wednesday (and it isn't Jesus) and we're having family christmas at our house. You're welcome to come, provided you bring me a present, so I'm supposed to be in house cleaning mode today and tomorrow and after Jason leaves.
And our dog just ran madly around the neighborhood and I had to chase around it in my pj's. Stupid dog.
I'll have to write more later when I'm not s'posed to be doing something productive.

Friday, December 13, 2002

yay! I"m home now. ahh...peace and quiet and fun times with my sisters and a boy who wants to come to see me. what more could one girl want?

Monday, December 09, 2002

a republishing of my christmas list, since my archives are acting up:

my Christmas list:
dark corduroy pants--thin wale, never pleated, preferably blue jean cut
--in the 6 years since 8th grade, I've worn out three pairs of corduroys
music of all types--especially the blues, the first Son Volt CD (mine mysteriously disappeared), the first Claire Holley CD, any Uncle Tupelo CDs, every Wilco one but AM, the Bible and/or Shakespeare on CD, Nickel Creek, anybody with good lyrics and acoustic guitar...
um,books--good theology books or good reading books...preferably ones with humor in them. I'm finding that i tend not to enjoy books with too much realism--Cold Sassy Tree was not for me. yeah, and I tend to get bothered by books with dialect.
hmm...that's about all I can think of.
oh wait! any fun, cute shirts and skirts that go together--like those shirts that are really just nice t-shirts that you can wear with all sorts of different things--those would be nice, too, but ask Christy or Juli before you pick those out.
maps, especially of England or the South or Mississippi or some state that I have connections with.
t-shirts/sweatshirts from Rutgers or Michigan State or other ancestral colleges.
warm, noncotton socks.
a nalgene bottle, the kind that doesn't break.
athletic shorts- i think i'm a medium.

hey--i'm really not dead. I just don't have easy access to a computer now that i'm not going to classes anymore. YAY! I did finish all my papers, even though I'm not sure about the quality of my research paper, but it's over now and that is the best part ever.
I have also discovered that I don't turn into a pumpkin at midnight...or at one, or two, or three or four...
my little three year olds I teach on wednesday nights..okay, ireallly just babysit them..their Christmas pageant at church was last night and they were adorable. one of the angel's wings fell off and one of my shepherds was a little over anxious when we did the watching motion during "go tell it on the mountain" but they were precious.
And affter two tests and a recitation of the french national anthem, I get to go home thursday or friday!! YAY!

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

I think I'm going to die.
My research paper is due tomorrow and I haven't begun it yet.
I have a paper due at 12:30 that isn't finished.
I really don't want to finish this day.
and I really can't blog at all forever.
And I have the worst writers block ever.
boo school

Monday, December 02, 2002

boo--i'm not done with my paper yet. I can't seem to work at anything for long periods of time. I guess I'm getting that end of the semester incompetence. I don't know what to do. I have my reseach paper due Wednesday, I have to write this paper today--hopefully in time to have lots of time to work on my research paper...and I have a ton of other stuff to do, too. I feel like I'm in denial, the way I just won't work.
I've found it helps to listen to Kelly Wingate, a band that started (and possibly ended) at state. one of the band members lived across the street from me.
Their music is the definition of mellow and I'm really glad that I stole the CD back from my little sister.
okay, I'm going to work for a bit now.