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Saturday, November 30, 2002

oh pooh--I have to write a paper. I always have to write papers, I guess. I've written more papers this semester, it seems, than at all other points in my whole life. well, I probably wrote more papers my senior year of highschool or so, but for a semester...this has been a lot.
three for Geography of the south (field trip report, flag report, book report), three for Societies of the world (it should be four, but I made an A average on the first three so I don't have to do a fourth), three for Advanced comp (counting the research paper) and two for English Lit. II (plus maybe one as the final). THat's 11 or twelve papers! of course, some of them have really really stunk, but still.
this one I should be writing now is about poetic devices in "Dover Beach"--here are my favorite lines:
...for the world, which seems
31 To lie before us like a land of dreams,
32 So various, so beautiful, so new,
33 Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,
34 Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain.
all that mid-Victorian angst.
I'm going to talk about water and light imagery and its influence on tone.
I'm not the best at planning.

Friday, November 29, 2002

isn't this new template fun? I was really excited about the changing colorness. Does it take a long time to load, though? If it does, I'll change it back.
well, grandmother's taking a nap and she has a clicking keyboard ...

Thursday, November 28, 2002

on the bright side, thanksgiving was rather swell...four different kinds of pies, sweet potato casserole (honestly, how many times can one guy get sacked? where the hell is our offensive line?), green congealed salad, turkey, dressing, corn, green beans, canteloupe, home-made bread...I only got seconds of three things and then I got a sampler plate of the pies.
and then we climbed Stone Mountain--yay! that was exciting, if a tad bit cold. and i'm feeling rather lethargic. Probably do to the amount of food that I've eaten...I need a good sleep to tide me over.
And then there's shopping tomorrow. I don't so much know what I need to get. What should I get for my bro-in-law? Maybe I'll get some corduroys or something. That would be exciting.

I'm about fed up with our football team. Good thing this is the last game of the season.
Maybe next year, we'll have a new coach...

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Isn't being home the nicest thing ever? I guess there's something about having a mom and little sister who love to have you come back.
MOm woke us up this morning with a watergun.
and last night I laughed so hard I cried.
the news around the house:
There's the cutest little tree frog who lives in our corn tree. We call him "Mr. Frog" and mom feeds him and takes pictures of him. Both our bathrooms are broken--we have to shower in one and "use the facilities" in the other.
Yeah, it's good to be home.

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

hey, my Southern Book report is here and I'm about to be late for class...
and Jason brought me a plate of food last night when I couldn't come to his house because I was writing the dang paper.
I was overwhelmed. And then I really didn't write my was a rather long study break.
I'm leaving for home on the way to grandmothers as soon as I take my Eng. Lit. II test (I haven't really studied for it yet...)

Monday, November 25, 2002

Virginia is for lovers.
maybe I should go...
well, today I am half way through a 400 page book that I have to write a 7 page paper on before I can leave for Thanksgiving. If I get it done before tonight, someone will take me to eat at his house...he's cooking supper. If I hadn't had to write the darn paper, this would've been for sure our second date. Oh well. I think we'll be okay. Yeah, I think we'll be okay. okay, time to stop smiling a gooby smile.

My paper is on the book Macaria by Augusta Jane Evans, the same lady who wrote St. Elmo. It chronicles the growth and develpment of three childhood friends. There's a love triangle, lots of people who love people who don't love them, art, tons of allusions to really arcane (if that's the word I mean) myths, some government policy and I'm just getting to the part about the War Between the States. Well, it's probably about the late '50s in the book. It's very slow going. But it has a quote in it that was my summer:

"Only those who have known what it is to stake their hopes on a sheet of letter-paper; to wake at dawn, counting the hours till the mail is due, working diligently to murder time until that hour rolls round; to send messenger, in hot haste; to watch the clock, giving him just so many minutes to go and come; to listen for the sound of returnign steps, to meet him at the door with out-stretched hands, and receive--"no letter"; only those who have writhed on this rack know the crushing thought with which they pressed cold hands to aching heart; 'another twenty-four hours to be endured before the next mail comes in; what shall I do till them?'"

But I don't think I will ever have that to deal with again...Jason is an honorable man.

Isn't it crazy how much I talk about school on here? I guess it's good, because it means that I spend a lot of time on it, which I sh0ould, since I'm only called to be a student right now...

Theological thing: The more I see the complete community of Christ, the more I long for heaven. Even as my life looks more and more exciting and what I've been waiting for all of it, I'm being gripped more and more with the realization that this isn't my home. The last coupla sermons I've heard have kinda had that thrust. And then when we sang "On Jordan's Stormy Banks" at RUF last night, oh m y gosh, I wanted not to be bound for promised land, but to be there. I don't know if I'm fit for heaven, but I'm ready to go there now. (My theology is a little shaky in the I there already, too, since I'm already glorified, or is it just a surety that I will be glorified? I forget.)

And I haven't eaten since lunch, yesterday. (whups) We usually have supper after church (a "light" supper --usually peanut butter and jelly) but we didn't have church because there was a community-wide thanksgiving service at first baptist. I didn't go to that.
But I did eat lunch at the Thomassons--the're a family from our church and they live out in the country in Winston county and it was soo good to be at a family's house. Even though 525 feels like a family, it isn't, and I don't really remember that until I get to a place where a real family is. It was a lot of fun, though...we went for a nature hike and I rode a four-wheeler. (didn't drive it, though)

Funniest thing of the weekend...Jason and I (I'll have to get used to saying that...) were having quality time on the porch at 525. Everyone very considerately went inside and left us alone outside (sometime they even acted like we didn't even exist...I guess they didn't want to embarrass us...we laughed at them). So we were sitting there talking, when suddenly, through the outside speakers..comes Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing". This was followed by John Mayer's "Your Body is a Wonderland" and then by "I want you to want me." By that time I remembered how to turn off the outside speakers...But it was really funny, if slightly inappropriate. It was REALLY funny.

Well, if I don't finish this paper, I can't leave for thanksgiving, so I'd better get.

Friday, November 22, 2002

okay, well, my powerpoint is over, not gonna say it's done...
I didn't smile quite as much today as I did yesterday. But I'm really tired because we all went to the bowling alley last night--I didn't bowl--
just hung out and glowed in the black lights and fun stuff like that. I had a lot of fun made of me last night. And I deserved most of it.

And I'm going home today! YAY! Well, for sure going to the Prep/JA game...see my little sister and my mom--I"m excited.
BUt i'm so tired i'm typing the wrong vowels and all sorts of wrong letters and it's kinda annoying.
so all I have to do is pick up my sis's contacts and walk home and so...I think I will definitely sleeping on the way to JAckson.

Thursday, November 21, 2002

look at this cool blog I randomly clicked on:
it's kinda cool.
But I still haven't gotten any power point done! I'm such a sinner!
Good thing my salvation doesn't rest upon my ability to be diligent.

whee....last night was the night.
And I had a good time and I had a really good time and...I got in at 12:45.
Since I don't really want to work on my powerpoint presentation for my research paper, I'll give ya most of the story.
Well, It started at 8:07, when I got home from church and there were 5 girls on my porch, waiting to get me ready. It took 15 minutes, I think. I wore Juli's cute jeans, a pink-floweredy thrift store button down, and Juli's jacket. About the extent of my toiletries was brushing my teeth and hair. I was really really hungry because I'd eaten at ELEVEN that day for lunch (actually, I always do) and all I had had in between were a coupla french fries at about four. So I was almost more excited about the food than the boy, which was good for my nerves, I think. Anyway, he came and Juli met him on the steps and talked to him for a second or two and gave him a ductape boutonnire (I'm not sure at all how to spell that), and then we got in the jeep and drove away. He opened every door for me. (Memphis boys are generally pretty good about that.) We went to Applebees. (I wasn't that excited about the restaurant, but hey, it was food and it was good.) Then we went to his house (which is a stone throw from my dad's)...but before my family freaks out...yes, his roommates were there. and we watched a little grizzlies (they're doing terrible) and played some bumper pool (I'm terrible) and then we drank hot chocolate on his balcony and listened to his neighbor have a drunken phone conversation and had one ourselves (not drunken or on the phone, though). I think we talked about how awful this semester has been. I'm not really sure....everything's just a little glossed over.
Then we went to Foodmax, because I'm cooking dinner (remember that girl I told you about?) tonight and didn't have any food. I was really tired in Foodmax. Then we drove home and parked the wrong way on the street in front of a "no parking" sign right in front of my house and we talked some more. For a long time. About all sorts of different things. Wow, guys.
But after Juli frantically switched the lights on and off and I realized that I still had a paper to write and....I don't really remember why we got out of the car...but then it was funny because when he did get out to open my was locked. I unlocked it. And we brought the groceries in and Juli was waiting at my house, ready to hear all about it. and he gave juli our leftovers from supper.

And I've been really happy all day today. I can't stop smiling. Finding out that one is much beloved (read it with no accent on the last e) is a very crazy, tenuous, enjoyable thing.

wheeee......i think.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

wheee--today is the day. And I'm becoming more excited and less scared. I think. Everyone else and their grandmothers (including mine, I'm sure) are very excited about it. I just kinda wish he had told me what we were doing and if I need to eat supper and if I have to get dressed up. I think he might've been flustered when he asked me. But it's at 8:30 tonight, after I teach my three year olds at church.
(and I have a paper due at 9:30 the next morning and a power point presentation at 10:00 on friday and basically I have yet to work on them) I hope it isn't really long...I've got soo much work to do. Why do boys always have to do these things near the end of the semester?
achoo! 'cuse me! I really hate sneezing.
Today when I walked to the computer lab (Butler, not the library), all the bushes had spider webs in them--but they were more like cages than webs. Really kinda random. Too bad I don't have a digital camera so ya'll could see them. Not that I know how to do that, anyways.

I got up and the godly hour of 4:00 the night before last and watched the meteor shower with two of my friends. We went out to the winery and leaned on the hood of the car. It was cloudly when we got there--you could only se the really bright moon and a few bright stars shining through the clouds. But then the clouds just parted into a nice square opening in the clouds and we got to see them after all. It was reallly crazy how the hole opened up. We like to think God did it just for us. I'm not sure about the theology of that, but it's fun to think. It was really exciting to see them, though. I'm not much good at seeing shooting stars.

Am I the only person who dislikes the movie "The Christmas Story?"

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

guess who has a date tomorrow--me. and guess who's scared to death--me. He's only the nicest boy in the world--but I've never had a real date before...and I'm just scared...mostly of the future, which is silly. oh well.
anyways, update on emily's life.

Monday, November 18, 2002

would it be sinful to spend $50 dollars and get two pair of really cool shoes??
these (yeah, i know how to do links now)
and these.
I don't have a pair of black shoes right now...and even though those are kinda summery, it's not like it gets that cold in Mississippi...but i gotta go now..there are hundreds of people waiting to use computer in the computer lab and I feel kinda bad for hogging it.

guys, rejoice with me! One of our gay friends is coming to RUF! I think she has come under conviction -- and that God has been working in her life. She and her ex-girlfriend are in a lot of the same classes as I and another RUF girl and we've been reaching out to them--the other girl more than I am. But it's really exciting to see that this is all happening.
Her ex-girlfriend...I'm not too sure about her. I think she's still into her lifestyle very much--she dresses and looks very masculine--except that her fingernails are beautiful and she paints her toe nails--she's a soccer player. I don't think she was hurt in the break-up like this girl who is coming to RUF. Anyways, God's redeeming people and working in their lives right and left and I think ya'll should know.

In my life...I feel like I'm blindfolded at a crossroad. I know change is coming up, but not only do I not know all the options, I don't know which direction is which option. I can just hear the hustle and bustle that comes with busy crossroads and know I'm there.
A little frustrating, a little exciting.

well, I'm never touching Vodka again!
Relax, kids, it wasn't me. Just my roomate (and I'm assuming that all this is under the seal of the confessional...) This was a most interesting weekend. Another cold football game--that we lost--a lively dinner at Pap's place (three whole plates!), a winning game of Scattergories, a nap with nice dream, even some diligence, and a drunken roomate. I don't think it'll happen again, though.
But I've seen my first non institutional keg and this thing called a "kegstand". Very Interesting. I don't think the drinking culture is one I'm likely to get into.
I'm hoping all this alcohol mess will somehow clear up the tension that exists between the sides of the street. Basically, it's tensions between the people who err on the self-righteous side (mostly a recovering Baptist) and the people who err on the Antinomian side of things. (Very Presbyterian) and you can't stay middle of the road on this debate because there are always cars coming. I think there's a whole lot of pride involved too--"we're free enough to drink all we want" and "we're holy enough to have fun without drinking."
But the antinomian house is gonna have to deal with having gotten a minor drunk (Even though they did a remarkably able job of taking care of her afterwards--I didn't have a clue what to do.) , and even though it wasn't really the RUF people in the house that did it, they didn't stop it.
I didn't either, though.
Basically, it was a failure of the whole community of Christ--she didn't stop herself and she should've, I didn't stop her and I should've, the boys whose house she was in didn't stop her (and they shouldn't have let her start) and they should've. Somehow we forgot about holding one another accountable--even though I think we won't anymore.
I didn't want to stay at the party where she was because a whole bunch of drinking people makes me nervous--especially when there's a keg, and the atmosphere was so much better across the street...also it really stinks being around drinking people when you know you can't for another two and a half years. That didn't stop my dear roomate, even though she kinda has permission from her father to drink ("according to Psalm 104").
But one of the good things that has already come out of this is that she knows we all love her now--everyone has been remarkable concerned with her wellbeing and no one concerned that she's going straight to the devil. [I mean, no one is acting like they think that.] So that's good..
And the boys who put her to bed fixed it so she'd only puke in the trashcan, which is also good.
And I've seen my first drunk person upclose and personal and don't think I ever want to inflict that upon the people who love me.

and I might've gotten struck by some lightning.

Friday, November 15, 2002

okay---it's about time to go to see if I have class...I don't have anything to do if I don't, since I didn't take my folders since it is raining (i just folded up some sheets of paper in my "utility purse" (as my sisters call it) since it is waterproof. except I have stamps and 4X6 notecards, so I think I might write postcards.
My back or my kidneys hurts. :(
And somehow I lost my green History of England folder--have you seen it?

Trip down memory lane for all you old State people
I found a 1994 Reveille the other day and here are all the names I was familiar with:
Robert Fulcher
Ashley Oswalt
Michael Hogue
Steve Hollis
Ashely McDade
Jill Moore
John Pope
Colin Baird
Chris Sturgis
Kerri Calloway
Elizabeth Penny
David Brumbelow
David Dennis
Anne Everett
Georgia Thomas
Kathryn Booth
Brian Houston
Kathleen Laird
Philip Moss
Emily Renfro
Batch Batchelder
Janna Shaffer
Shannon Sojourner
Danielle Louys
Casey Coleman
Ann Gilliland
Jay Shaw
Jill Barnes
Jereme Chapman
Jim Skipper

Doubtless there were more people who I knew at State then, but those were all the people in the Yearbook.
and ya'll---if this was you...what were you thinking about your hair??? Who came up with those hairstyles and have they been shot yet?
:) Let's play "where are they now" if you know these people, tell me where they are now.
I mean, some people (most obviously my brother) I know about, but tell me anyway because it'll be fun.

well, I think I'm getting better. And I might not have advanced comp (that class doesn't deserve to be capitalized) today--I can't remember. We are having conference days this week--I met with my teacher on monday and almost killed him because he walked up the stairs with me (three flights of Lee Hall stairs). I think he is obese to the point of it being life threatening. It took him probably ten minutes to stop breathing heavy--and we didn' t go up them very fast. and in our class, which is seldom hot, he ALWAYS sweats. Sometimes when he gives us handouts (I sit on the front row), they are wet. It's kinda gross and alarming.
But anyway, he said I have a problem ("stylistic tick" he called it) with interrupting elements--that means that I like to use dashes too much and sometimes I--because I like interrupting thoughts--stick them in between the subject and the noun. I used to get in trouble for that in creative writing, too--I'd stick lots of parenthetical statements in my poems. I liked it, but my teacher didn't. MAybe when I'm a famous writer, I'll be able to do that at will and not have to worry about what teachers think.
But I made an A- on my first paper and a B+ on my second--I'll have to revise that second one, but I think I'll be able to do a much better job on it now--I was kinda using the wrong words to make my point. But he said I used the text excellently. :)
Good thing I had the best teacher ever in 12th grade.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

that was the worst feeling test I've taken I think, since high school! I don't like this week. And I won't get to go to church tonight and play with my three-year-olds because I don't want to get them sick...wahhhhh. I want my momma.

gross--the worst thing about using a computer lab is a warm and oily mouse.

guys, I feel so terrible. THe first person to send me a cuppa warm chicken soup will win my everlasting love and gratitude. I have to be the most congested person in the world!. And i'm feeling almost ok now, because of some dayquil and juli's vitamin C drops...but my throat was hurting really bad last night. :(
and I have to take a history of england test at twelve for which I haven't studied, so...
pray that I don't die and that I can find a quick ride home after my test.

Monday, November 11, 2002

Weel, let's see...of the things on the list, here's what I got done:
house cleaned up
went to Walmart
Played with Sara
translated the first page of "Le petit prince"
took communion
made chicken casserole
wrote a letter
70% isn't too bad, is it?

also, I got to listen to my future room-mate play her was absolutely the most beautiful thing ever. and then a boy with a guitar joined in and I got out my penny whistle and we all played some RUF songs together--I didn't always play in the right key, but it was still exciting.
yeah. that's about all I have to say, except for this:
fall has suddenly come to starkville and the Mississippi state campus--all of a sudden there are trees bursting with yellow and the crepe myrtle trees on Nash St. are like flames, the colors are so bright. it's exciting.

And I need a place to live next year. with two other roommates, maybe three. Any suggestions?

Friday, November 08, 2002

things I've been noticing:

in the housing project we were go to tutor kids on Thursday (I helped a boy with long multiplication yesterday) --almost every house has a satellite dish!! How terrible is that?

a mockingbird doing this funny little dance thing where he lifts his wings, lowers 'em, takes a few steps and repeats the whole process.

that I only have one class today and it might not take long.

this is my list of things to do for the weekend:
1) write most of a paper that's due before thanksgiving
2) clean up my house
3) go to walmart and get all kinda things that we need
4) play with my indian friend Sara
5) hopefully play a coupla games of ultimate
6) translate some french stuff
7) take communion this sunday (I haven't had it in at least two months-I'm very excited)
8) cook something for the fellowship meal after church
9) write letters
10) doesn't that sound like enough?

One of our RUF softball teams got t-shirts lastnight--they won the championship! whee! but it's only in their division. and the real softball league is in the spring--who knows maybe we'll win again!
we played the football championship last night, too--us against "Chucky the destroyer" the really really good BSU team. They didn't whip us, but they won.---but I got a sack and a half, so I'm happy. also, we scored. and it was was just a really good game, considering that they practice and we don't. they are going to an intramural tournament this weekend in FLORIDA! crazy baptists. :)

Thursday, November 07, 2002

umm..I'm hungry! I think I'm going to get a chicken quesadilla from the Grill line in the Cafeteria. Rosalind and Dixie, the short order cooks, like me. State Alumni, where they there when you were? Did ya'll ever eat in the Cafeteria?
I confess, I eat there every day.

Today in Societies of the World, We talked about the on that japanese have--this feeling of obligation that hey have for basically everything above them--the emperor, parents, teachers, etc. The book we are studying ( Chrysanthemum and the sword ) was written in the '40s, so I don't know if that is still in effect...but I wonder how the gospel changes that. Kinda exciting.

Last night we had a jam session on the porch of 525. One of the boys brought a keyboard and then there were guitars and even a tin whistle (I didn't play) it was so wonderful. Made me happy to be alive in Starkville.

I'm starving! OFF TO LUNCH!!

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Yay! It's so nice not to have to think abou tth e blues right now. Now I just have to worry about getting a ride home.
It's a bit cooler than I like to walk home in--all the mockingbirds are puffed up twice their normal size to keep warm and the Landscaping people are putting fresh dirt/manure on all the flower beds that they have pulled up. I'm hoping they'll be planting pansies soon.

I think, maybe, to celebrate being done for a while, I'll do a silly survey:
IF YOU COULD BUILD A HOUSE ANYWHERE, WHERE WOULD IT BE? in the Delta in a pecan orchard or on a mountain side
WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE ARTICLE OF CLOTHING? a green t-shirt with yellow writing
WHAT'S THE LAST CD THAT YOU BOUGHT? hm. I don't remember. My sister just bought the Norah Jones CD, though.
WHERE'S YOUR FAVOURITE PLACE TO BE? on the porch of 525.
WHERE'S YOUR LEAST FAVOURITE PLACE TO BE? Possible history of england
WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE PLACE TO BE MASSAGED? on my backbone, between my scapulas (is that the right word?)
WHAT TIME DO YOU WAKE UP? from 5:30 -7
WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE KITCHEN APPLIANCE? that thing in the sink that eat garbage
WHAT MAKES YOU REALLY ANGRY? people lying to me
IF YOU COULD PLAY ANY INSTRUMENT, WHAT WOULD IT BE? well, I do play piano, but I've always had a hankering for violin
FAVOURITE CHILDREN'S BOOK? Arthur Ransome's "Swallows and Amazons" series
WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE SEASON? Spring, but then I like winter because cold wind is so invigorating, and then summer is nice because there's no school..and I like fall, too.
WHAT'S YOUR LEAST FAVOURITE HOUSEHOLD CHORE? possibly sweeping or cleaning out the tub
IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE SUPER POWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE? walking up walls and on the ceiling
CAN YOU JUGGLE? hah! not with my lack of coordination
WHAT'S IN THE TRUNK OF YOUR CAR? If i had a car, there would probably old newspapers and random junk in it
WHICH DO YOU PREFER, SUSHI OR HAMBURGER? i'm gonna go with Hamburger. I think I'll walk home.
and then I'll take a nap and then put some clothes away and sweep our floor--we are about to start our own layer of humus (yuck).

yeah, that's right, it's me! granted, I have yet to read most of my materials, but I have them and an outline, and a vague idea where I'll put them.
I almost feel like writing that sucker right now.
okay, not really...but I'm feeling less overwhelmed about it.
somehow I have the feeling that things will come together into a nice cohesive whole sometime soon.

Here's a quote:
"But for some, discovering a deep and lasting need for someone else's companionship can be one of the most traumatic experiences in life. At such a time all kinds of assumptions about ourselves may be reversed dramatically. The process of coming to see ourselves and our future in a new light is often a most perturbing thing." --Sinclair Ferguson Discovering God's Will

I don't think that is happening to me. I do think I might start focussing on just finishing school before i worry about that "Deep and lasting need"--sound good to you?
well, I'll try, anyways.

Yesterday was my half birthday, by the way.
and I'd like to add to my christmas list:
thermal undershirts and sweaters (not too warm).

Monday, November 04, 2002

note to self--don't wear contacts on days when you read a lot.

hey--on the other blog ( sorry--I don't know how to do links--is some of the research I have found online. mostly bios and lyrics.

did I say I wasn't going to blog? Well, okay, so I am. But I think it's okay when I've been in the library for six hours out of my day-- long enough for it to get dark and me to get hungry.
But I've gathered a lot of data...even though I haven't actually read most of it. I'm taking 9 books home with me. HOw i'm going to get home I"m not sure, but I don't think I can carry them all the way back to 525. hmm who should I call?


I know, I said I couldn't blog til Wednesday, when my paper was done, but something momentous happened today..moreover, my research this morning was really profitable and so I feel I'm rather on a roll...
Moreover, it's taking a century to get my email checked.
But this is what happened: Someone called me (or my face) beautiful today! That has never, to my immediate knowledge, happened before. Even when I had a boyfriend, he never said I was pretty. But today, I had blue marker on my face, and a boy told me about it and I said, well, you don't have to look at it if it bothers you, and he said "Oh, but it's so beautiful!"
and i said, "what, the blue spot?"
Anyways, that's the thing that brightened my day.

Saturday, November 02, 2002

okay, one thought before I get started: I Think i'm one of only two Americans in the computer lab on a friday morning. the others seem to be asian. I guess the americans are sleeping or getting ready for the football game.


Friday, November 01, 2002

definitely doing to the Ole Miss soccer game now...cheer for my gay soccer player friend...she's an english major and in a lot of my classes. and she has a girlfriend in one of them, too. and ya know...if you don't see them kissing, she isn't that much different feeling from the rest of us sinners. who'dve thought?
Ricky talked about James 2 last night and how favoritism of all kinds --wealth, race, sin--is was DANG convicting.
okay, but I really am going to the game now.

I love how I can get so distracted by these dang computers that I can't get anything done at all....anybody know anything about the black culture of the Delta?...'cause I sure don't.

um...well, to start a conversation like my neighbor:

Bathroom conversations--whatdoya do?
okay, maybe this isn't the best topic ever...but, I mean, when the stall door closes, do you keep talking or what?
I'm thinking that maybe we should just not talk to people in bathrooms.
the odd thing is that the person who caused this whole train of thought (choochoo) is the mother of the boy who bought me lunch today because I forgot that my wallet was in my back pocket and thought I had left it at home. (I think that was because I didn't get enough sleep).

And those best friends--I'm wonderful with them, all by themselves--one on one--but when they all get together, I just can't deal with it.
they have some sort of synergy, I guess.

I remembered why I am so grumpy--I stayed up 'til two last night reading, after I got home from the party at 1 or so. That would explain why I can't find the right words and I keep dropping things.
I'm glad I got that figured out.

today and tomorrow I am to be working on my outline for my research paper--a detailed outline. this wouldn't be so bad if i hadn't changed my topic's emphasis after i did my bibliography.
and i'm sorry i'm not writing with proper shiftkey-ing, but i don't feel like it. you know, it kinda tells my mood better than if i were using proper capitalization.
anyways, a little bit more about my research paper (since i should be working on that now.)
this is my thesis sentence: The delta has been integral in creating styles and subjects fo the blues men to sing about.
THat's not so hot, but it gets the job done. so i'll have to do research on the delta and how its culture is and then talk about the lives and lyrics of the guys. i think i'm talking about b b king, robert johnson, son house (just because i like his name) carl perkins (ricky said his name instead of john perkins last night), and sonny boy williamson.
i don't really know anything about these guys...but i guess i will by monday at 10.
maybe i'll ask the teacher if i can turn mine in on wednesday.
'bout time for me to go to class.

ya know, I don't have much to say--I guess I've got the post Reformation-day-blues.
My speed limit signs said 47 and 95. I also had street signs of all the important streets in starkville--like nash, hogan, jarnigan, university, hemlock (that's where ricky jones lives) and montgomery.
there were some really good costumes there. one guy was even wearing coach polks uniform!
my best friends didn't even dress up.
query: if they aren't acting like they like me and aren't really reaching out to people in general like people planning to be in core group should, and i don't really want to be like them so much, should i still make the effort to keep them my best friends? it's kinda frustrating to remind your best friends that you're in the group too.
and where is my sin in this?